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STCAShell Technology Centre Amsterdam (Netherlands)
STCAShort Term Conflict Alert (Air Traffic Control)
STCASubject to Council Approval
STCASafe Third Country Agreement
STCAStaffordshire Terrier Club of America, Inc. (Houston, TX)
STCASkye Terrier Club of America
STCAScottish Tobacco Control Alliance
STCAScience and Technology Cooperation Agreement
STCAStandard Terms and Conditions Agreement (Gateway contract)
STCASomething to Crow About (quilt shop; Springfield, OR)
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Projected spend of 125,000 GBP per year for 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 subject to council approval .
In a project first revealed by the ECHO in November last year, Downing will start work on the site at Islington early next year, subject to council approval.
This article has never been applied to a Member State but it has long been interpreted as paving the way to a Commission decision, subject to Council approval, to specify expenditure cuts a country has to make to get back into line with the Pact requirements.
4) The signature of the loan agreement subject to council approval authority.
Under the terms of the Euratom Treaty, the Commission is entitled to raise objections on behalf of Euratom, subject to Council approval.
Subject to Council approval the changes are expected to be in place early in 2014.