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SubBaseSubmarine Base (US Navy)
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Savageaux, originally from Grafton, walks off the USS Pittsburgh after it docked at the Naval Submarine Base in New London, Conn., in August 2009.
Michael McKinnon--Commanding Officer, Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Ga.
On Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, demonstrators again called for abolition of nuclear weapons at the Polaris submarine base, as they have for thirty years.
The protest is part of Faslane 365, a year-long sit-down campaign to try to stop vehicles entering the Trident nuclear missile-equipped submarine base.
A south Wales politician today spoke of being arrested at a nuclear submarine base.
The sub arrives in the fleet as the second Virginia-class vessel, and it will be homeported at Submarine Base New London in Groton, Conn.
The centerpiece of the contract is the Navy's submarine base in Bangor, WA, located on the Hood Canal, which opens onto Puget Sound and into the Pacific Ocean.
David McLachlan, 48, of Langside Parish Church, Glasgow, is refusing to pay a pounds 150 breach of the peace fine imposed after a demo against nuclear weapons at the Faslane submarine base. This week law lords rejected his appeal.
The former nuclear plant technician - freed earlier this year but forced to remain in Israel for a year - backed the campaign to close the Faslane Trident nuclear submarine base on the Clyde.
The 79-year-old Navy veteran finally received those awards, along with recognition for his dedication to duty, during a special ceremony held at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga., on 12 May.
But a cooking school at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base is making underwater meals more digestible--and sometimes even gourmet.
Togue, an experimental piece united Ikeda's Ariadone, her all-female, Bordeaux-based butoh company, with Spina, an industrial-techno hard-rock group whose music was composed in an enormous World War II submarine base on the outskirts of Bordeaux.
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