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SMPSymmetric Multiprocessing
SMPSymmetric Multi-Processor
SMPSine Mascula Prole (Latin: Without Male Issue)
SMPStatutory Maternity Pay
SMPScalp Micropigmentation (hair loss)
SMPSurvival Multi-Player (video game)
SMPSignificant Market Power (European telecommunications market)
SMPServico Movel Pessoal (Portuguese: Mobile Personal Service; Brazil)
SMPSenior Medicare Patrol (Projects)
SMPServer Migration Pack (software)
SMPSimultaneous Membership Program
SMPSecurities Market Programme (European Central Bank)
SMPSenior Management Professional (certification)
SMPSocial Media Portal
SMPShared-memory MultiProcessor
SMPSymantec Management Platform (software)
SMPShoreline Master Program (environmental regulations for shoreline management)
SMPSciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques (French: Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
SMPStable Marriage Problem
SMPShared-Memory Parallelism (computing)
SMPSenior Management Program (various locations)
SMPSpecial Milk Program
SMPSilan Modified Polymer (chemistry)
SMPStormwater Management Program (various locations)
SMPStandards for Mathematical Practice
SMPSurface Mount Power
SMPStop Motion Pro (animated film software)
SMPSymmetric Multi Processing
SMPSample File
SMPShared Memory Multiprocessing
SMPScsi Management Protocol
SMPStandby Monitor Present
SMPSchweizer Milchproduzenten (Federation of Swiss Milk Producers)
SMPState Management Plan
SMPStaff Monitored Program (IMF)
SMPSingle Marine Program (USMC)
SMPSkim Milk Powder
SMPShape Memory Polymer
SMPSystem Modification Program
SMPSustainability Management Plan (various locations)
SMPSales Marketing Plan (various companies)
SMPService Management Platform
SMPSymmetrical Multi-Processing
SMPSun Microsystems Press (publication partnership)
SMPSpecific Ministry Pastor
SMPShared Memory Multiprocessing (IBM)
SMPSystem of Moral Philosophy (book; Francis Hutcheson)
SMPSite Management Plan
SMPSellafield MOX Plant
SMPSerial Management Protocol (SAS)
SMPStudent Mobility Program (various locations)
SMPStrategic Management Plan
SMPStatutory Minimum Price (India)
SMPSystem Marginal Price
SMPService Médico-Pédagogique (French: School Medical Service; Switzerland)
SMPSupport and Maintenance Package (software)
SMPSystem Monitoring Protocol (software)
SMPState Mitigation Plan (US FEMA)
SMPSenior Managing Partner (job title)
SMPSimple Management Protocol
SMPStudent Mentor Program (various schools)
SMPSvensk Maskinprovning AB (Swedish Machinery Testing Institute)
SMPSurface-Mount Package
SMPSubmitochondrial Particles
SMPSymbolic Manipulation Program
SMPStandard Medical Practice
SMPSoftware Management Plan
SMPSelling Manager Pro (Ebay selling tool)
SMPScalable Multiprocessor
SMPStreamlined Modification Program (foreclosure)
SMPStrategic Marketing Planning
SMPSoluble Microbial Products (anerobic systems, wastewater treatment)
SMPSystem Management Processor (Hitachi SONET OC-192)
SMPSociété Suisse de Management de Projet (French: Swiss Society for Project Management)
SMPSoil Management Plan
SMPStrategic Management Process
SMPSoutheast Museum of Photography
SMPSociété Militaire Privée (French: Private Military Company)
SMPSafety Management Program
SMPSecurity Management Plan
SMPSubject Matter Program (California)
SMPSt Matthew Passion (J.S. Bach classical piece)
SMPSubstantial Market Power
SMPSustainable Manufacturing Performance (Nike)
SMPSemi Markov Process
SMPSession Management Protocol
SMPSoftware Maintenance Program
SMPSheltered Market Program (Portland, OR)
SMPStandby Monitor Present (Cisco)
SMPShawnee Mission Park (Shawnee, KS)
SMPSony Magnetic Products (various locations)
SMPSociedad Mexicana de Psicología (Mexico)
SMPSex, Money, Power
SMPStanford Menlo Park (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
SMPSalzgitter Mannesmann Précision (steel tube manufacturer; various locations)
SMPSol-Mur-Plafond (French: Floor, Wall, Ceiling; art house)
SMPSekolah Menengah Tingkat Pertama (Indonesian junior high school)
SMPSimple Minded People
SMPSensor Management Protocol
SMPScience Mentorship Programme (Singapore)
SMPShip Motion Program (NAVSEA)
SMPSubminiature Push-On (connector)
SMPSmall and Mobile Production
SMPSubstation Modernization Platform (trademark of Cybectec)
SMPService Management Process
SMPSee Me, Please
SMPSmoke More Pot
SMPSwitching Module Processor
SMPStandard Maintenance Procedure
SMPSystèmes Midi-Pyrénées (French electronics company)
SMPSelf-Maintenance Period
SMPSociété de Mécanique de Précision (French: Precision Mechanics Company; est. 1981)
SMPSynchronous Multiprocessing
SMPSub Motor Pool
SMPSmall Molecule Printing
SMPSystem Modernization Plan
SMPSafety Management Prospectus
SMPSystem Modernization Program (of SSA)
SMPSimple Multiplexing Protocol
SMPService Matrix Platform (ADC)
SMPSenior Meeting Planner (job title)
SMPSubcontractor Management Plan
SMPScheduled Maintenance Plan
SMPSupplemental Medical Plan
SMPSound Motion Picture Technician (US Navy)
SMPSignal Message Processor
SMPStandard Mining Package
SMPScottish Member of Parliament (UK)
SMPSigned Minimal Path
SMPService Mediation Platform
SMPSimultaneous Macular Perception
SMPSACDIN Message Protocol Module
SMPSpecial Multiple-Peril (insurance policy insuring physical damage and liability losses)
SMPSystems, Methods and Procedures (manufacturing)
SMPSchool Mathematics Program
SMPSingle Movable Pulley
SMPShipowner's Liability (insurance)
SMPSociété Moules de Précision (French: Precision Mold Company)
SMPSignal Management Point
SMPStandard Methods and Procedures
SMPSystem Mechanical Performance
SMPSantares Music People, Inc.
SMPSlow Moving Person/People
SMPShipboard Miniaturization/Microfilm Program
SMPSystems Monitoring Panel
SMPSM Entertainment Music Performance
SMPSubject Matter Proficiency
SMPSpecial Manufacturing Procedure
SMPSécurité, Maintenance Installation et Protection Incendie (French: Safety, Installation and Maintenance Fire Protection)
SMPSummit Media Partners
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From farmers to small supermarkets, from consumers to suppliers, many Australians tell me how these changes will stop firms with substantial market power from engaging in conduct which reduces competition, Mr McCormack said.
Given the harm that can be caused by monopoly power, some eminent antitrust scholars and policymakers have argued that it is best to prevent firms from possessing substantial market power.
But there is persuasive evidence in the Court's opinion that the Brighton brand had substantial market power.
Unlike [section] 2 of the Sherman Act, which prohibits both attempts to monopolise and actual monopolisation, s 46 of the TPA requires that the firm concerned possess substantial market power prior to, or at the time of, the conduct.
The results suggest that dealers exercise substantial market power in their trades with customers.
When a seller has substantial market power because there are only a few suppliers and they don't sell perfect substitutes for each others' products, as is the case in the pharmaceutical industry, individual buyers are likely to end up paying a higher price than they would in a perfectly competitive market.
They claimed that because Blockbuster is owned by Viacom, the chain ``has substantial market power and influence with Hollywood studios.
This combination would have given TotalFina/Elf substantial market power which neither the demand side (supermarkets or major end customers) nor competitors in the refining industry could have challenged.
While the Energy Policy Act of 1992 began the process of deregulation by allowing certain electricity generators to enter the market, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has recognized that the utilities still enjoy substantial market power through control of the transmission systems, and that healthy competition will not be a reality until generators, buyers, and sellers of electricity all have open access to the transmission grid.
The new section 46 is robust law that will prevent firms with substantial market power engaging in conduct that harms competition in Australian markets.
Importantly, obtaining substantial market power through superior products, innovation, or business acumen is legal, but the same result achieved with exclusionary or predatory acts can raise serious antitrust concerns.
In a Thursday interview for bTV, Ninova explained that the Commission for Protection of Competition had been given 3 months to prepare the methodology and identify companies possessing substantial market power.