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SDMSecurity Device Manager
SDMShared Decision Making
SDMShoppers Drug Mart
SDMStandard Deviation of the Mean
SDMService Desk Manager (software)
SDMSumber Daya Manusia (Indonesian: human resources)
SDMSales Development Manager (various companies)
SDMSchool of Dental Medicine (various organizations)
SDMStandard Days Method (family planning)
SDMSquad Designated Marksman (US Army and Marine Corps)
SDMSystem Design Manual (various organizations)
SDMSecure Download Manager (academic software)
SDMSustainable Development Mechanism (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change)
SDMSimulation Data Management (conference)
SDMSecurity Distributing & Marketing (various organizations)
SDMSystem Definition Manual (Inmarsat; UK)
SDMSub Divisional Magistrate
SDMStatus Data Manager
SDMSpace Definition Manager
SDMSpatial Domain Multiplex
SDMSemantic Data Model
SDMSupernode Data Manager
SDMSoftware Development Method
SDMSystems Development Methodology
SDMSmartstream Device Manager
SDMSystem Definition Model
SDMSecure Data Management
SDMSubrate Data Multiplexer
SDMSafer Data Mailbox
SDMStorage Device Manager
SDMSpecification and Design Methodology
SDMSimulation Data Management
SDMSystem Decoder Model
SDMSoftware Development Management
SDMSystem Development Multitasking
SDMSingle Decision Maker
SDMSystem Definition Manual
SDMShut Down Mode
SDMSynchronized Digital Mobility
SDMSecurity Delivery Manager
SDMSun Download Manager
SDMSession Debug Manager
SDMSwitch Data Mover
SDMScience Data Management
SDMStructured Development Methodology
SDMServices Documentaires Multimedia (Canadian document processing service company)
SDMSparse Distributed Memory (mathematical model)
SDMSiam International Conference on Data Mining
SDMSubscriber Data Management
SDMSystem Definition Model (Microsoft)
SDMSwitch Database Management
SDMSuunto Dive Manager (software)
SDMStrategic Design Management (various organizations)
SDMSemantic Database Model
SDMSystem Development Methodology
SDMSpace Division Multiplexing
SDMSite Directed Mutagenesis
SDMSensing Diagnostic Module
SDMService Delivery Management
SDMSubstitute Decision Maker (Canada)
SDMScientific Data Management
SDMSoftware Development Methodology
SDMSigma-Delta Modulator
SDMSharp Dressed Man
SDMShort Data Message
SDMStrategic Data Management (various locations)
SDMSun Download Manager (for Java)
SDMStaged Diabetes Management
SDMStröer Digital Media (German online marketer)
SDMSoftware Development Manager
SDMSonic Deployment Manager (software)
SDMSoftware Defined Modem
SDMState Dependent Memory (psychology)
SDMSpeed Distance Monitor (sports timer)
SDMSize Doesn't Matter
SDMSenior Duty Meteorologist (US NOAA)
SDMSerial Dot Matrix (printing)
SDMSomali Democratic Movement (political party)
SDMStructural Dynamics Modification
SDMSonic Death Monkey (band)
SDMSony Disc Manufacturing
SDMSudden Death Match
SDMSwedish Death Metal
SDMSystem Development Method
SDMSteepest Descent Method
SDMSuperNode Data Manager (Nortel Networks)
SDMSub-Rate Data Multiplexer
SDMStory Driven Modeling
SDMSuper Desperation Move (gaming)
SDMSensor Data Management (US Army)
SDMSecure Data in Motion, Inc. (Internet services)
SDMScenario Development Message (global security)
SDMShoot Dry Matter
SDMSingle Distant Microphone
SDMSpectral-Domain Method
SDMSecondary Deployment Mechanism
SDMShri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara
SDMShip Design Manager
SDMSwiss Destination Management
SDMScarlet Devil Mansion (Touhou Project)
SDMStammdienststelle der Marine (German)
SDMSalvador de Madariaga (Spanish diplomat and writer)
SDMSupply/Demand Matching
SDMSystem Development Manager
SDMShape Deposition Modeling
SDMSelf-Destruct Mechanism
SDMShared Data Model
SDMSystem Decision Memorandum
SDMScary Devil Monastery (anagram of ASR alt.sysadmin.recovery)
SDMSAROS Document Manager
SDMSchematic Diagram Manual
SDMSilverpop Dynamic Messaging
SDMServo Driven Member
SDMSecure Digital Modem
SDMSubsystem/System Development Manager
SDMSafety Design Matrix
SDMSierra de las Minas (Spanish; mountain range; Guatemala)
SDMSimultaneous Deposition Mode
SDMSemantic Difference Map
SDMSpatial Diversity Method
SDMService Decision Memorandum
SDMSystem Development Modification
SDMSelective Display Model
SDMSimple Delta Modulation
SDMSideband Depth of Modulation
SDMStandardization & Data Management
SDMSwitching & Distribution Matrix
SDMStructured Data Message
SDMSub-Rate Digital Multiplexer
SDMSun Domain Manager
SDMStandard Munitions
SDMStover Dry Mass (agriculture, corn genetics)
SDMSeva Dharma Mission (Denmark)
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Did the team assess if the patient: 'Yes', so long as documented in * Has an impairment of, or disturbed case notes that patient said functioning of the mind or brain yes/no * Can understand the information * Can retain information * Can weigh risks and benefits * Can communicate a decision Did the team verify if there is an 'Yes', so long as next-of-kin identified substitute decision maker? /close acquaintance consulted Did the team seek the opinion of the Opinion of patient's values identified substitute decision maker?
The treatment should be started with a written consent of either the patient or the substitute decision maker.8 The operative and postoperative notes and the practitioner's details are also integral parts of dental records.
Health care facilities have policies that support patients' right to make decisions should they become incapacitated .Examples are: Substitute decision maker; power of attorney for personal care; and resuscitation level policies.
(48) According to its position article, aged care facilities in Queensland are now insisting upon the appointment of a substitute decision maker before accepting an older person into an aged care facility.
ACP is a process that facilitates the communication and understanding of care preferences between a person deemed to have decision-making capacity and their primary health care provider, family member(s), or substitute decision maker [5, 6].
This case illustrates the difficult nature of decision making at the end of life and the need for direction in those instances where the health care providers and the family or substitute decision maker disagree on what is in the best interests of the patient.
(12.) Also referred to as a proxy or substitute decision maker, see Ibid.
(2) In Ontario, the applicable mental-health legislation provides that, apart from emergency situations, medication cannot be administered without either the prior consent of the patient (given while he or she was competent) or the consent of the patient's substitute decision maker. In British Columbia, consent is "deemed" to have been given, notwithstanding any wishes of the patient to the contrary.
evidence presented by the substitute decision maker and family and the
This applies to the setting of a legally valid refusal of CPR by the patient directly, through advance directive or via the patient's substitute decision maker. In this way, irreversible is defined as not physically possible to reverse without violating the law on consent.
When lack of capacity is determined--a process completed by two physicians--nurses often help identify the appropriate substitute decision maker.