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Calcaneal/Rearfoot varus is when the calcaneus is inverted with the subtalar joint is in neutral and the forefoot is perpendicular to the lower leg.
The condition of the talocrural and subtalar joint of the patients categorized by Larsen grade was shown in Table 2.
Physical examination showed a rigid pes planovalgus and subtalar joint on the left side.
Navicular drop test (NDT) which is a valid measure of foot pronation (26, 34), is defined as the difference between height of navicular tuberosity at neutral position of subtalar joint and its height in relaxed stance.
Calcaneal lengthening that does not result in a stiff subtalar joint is preferable to subtalar arthrodesis.
Elaborating on the injury, Kiran said Saina's subtalar joint was at the root of the problem.
Treatment includes subtalar joint mobilisation, anti-inflammatory treatments and biomechanical correction.
Food and Drug Administration, expects its Mini-Rail system to be used in procedures such as fusion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint; subtalar fusion, intended for patients with end-stage arthritis of the subtalar joint; and the management of a Jones fracture (a fracture of the fifth metatarsal of the foot).
The range of ankle movement was 8[degrees] but no subtalar joint movement at the time of discharge.
Because the foot is the foundation of the body, a misalignment of the subtalar joint can lead to further complication elsewhere.