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Caption: ABOVE: Austin Bergstrom Airport (KAUS, in the lower-middle) roasts under a classic subtropical high. (Author photo)
As shown in Figure 5, the Philippines and Malaysia are under the control of the subtropicalhighinwinterand spring; possibly the subtropical high is an important factor for the amount of the rainfall there.
Kurihara, "A climatological study on the relationship between the Japanese summer weather and the subtropical high in the western North Pacific," Geophysical Magazine, vol.
Pressure in this area off the Chilean coast is under the domain of the subtropical high pressure cell of the southeastern Pacific (Pittock 1980a, Villalba 1994).
Damascus, SANA- Temperatures tend to rise and remain above average by 3 to 6 degrees as the country is affected by a superficial seasonal air pressure accompanied with a subtropical high air pressure and southwestern currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
As we've shown, the belt of subtropical high pressure creates a feed of air from the southerly latitudes, with lots of good weather.
Ahmed, "Association between the dynamics of indian ocean subtropical high and winter time precipitation and stream flow: acase study over acheron river catchment, victoria," British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, vol.
The enhancement also shows up in monsoonal circulation systems and monsoonal indices, and the seesaw essentially reflects the opposite covariability between the two atmospheric action centers in the Southern Hemisphere, the Mascarene subtropical high and the Australian subtropical high.
This advance pressures the neighbouring air-mass accordingly, with the effect that, with remarkable consistency, the subtropical high pressure belt is present on the weather maps along the 40S latitude and with frequent extensions much further south.
However, forecasts suggest it is unlikely to seriously impact Taiwan, thanks to the Western Pacific Subtropical High (WPSH), a subtropical belt of atmospheric pressure over the Northern Pacific Ocean.
Damascus, SANA- Temperatures remain above average by 3 to 6 degrees as the country is affected by a superficial seasonal air pressure accompanied with a subtropical high air pressure in the upper layers of the atmosphere.