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most days, but we also see the occasional appearance of the subtropical jet. If you fly airliners or corporate jets in the southern states, you're probably familiar with this feature, most often found between FL350 and FL400, noticeably higher than the polar-front jet.
We can also see that the southern subtropical jet during 1960-2000 displaces poleward, which is in accordance with the results reported by Son et al.
"When El Nino happens in the winter, warm water along the equator pulls the Pacific subtropical jet stream, which is blowing eastward from Japan, and pulls it southward towards the warm water and equator, and when the jet stream is pulled southward, it pulls the winter storm track for frontal storms coming off the Pacific Ocean southward with it," Gutzler explains.
Rising sea surface temperatures of more than 2 degrees Celsius above average linked to the El Nino trend in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean have pushed the Subtropical Jet Stream farther south resulting in shifts to higher amounts of seasonal rainfall, Al Mazroui said.
The fast-flowing system hovers above the subtropical jet streams which usually influence the UK's relatively mild winters.
In the Northern hemisphere, the polar jet pushes cooler air south and induces rain in mid-latitudes, while the subtropical jet pushes warm air north.
The passing of cold fronts and Nortes over the region can be explained in terms of the location of the subtropical jet stream.
The plan is for the pressurised paraffin-powered balloon to hook into subtropical jet stream winds at between 30,000 to 50,000ft, move south to Algeria and then travel east across north Africa and Egypt and over the Persian Gulf.
The stronger segments form the subtropical jet, which we'll describe in a minute.
As described earlier in the 300 hPa wind images in Figure 10(a), the polar and subtropical jet streaks start off in a side by side position across Baja California into Mexico with the subtropical jet streak being noticeably weaker.
A subtropical jet stream moving southwards has caused strong winds.
Bastardi forecasts a wetter-than-average swath from southern and central California to the southern Plains and Southeast and up the East Coast, because an expected active subtropical jet stream will send storms on a track across the southern U.S.