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SubudSusila Budhi Dharma (worldwide, interfaith spiritual association)
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Urlich reviews literature on the charismatic group known as Subud. Subud claims it has no theology, and members believe they directly communicate with their deity through the latihan ritual.
The author's first hypothesis states that the relief effect does operate on all Subud members through the latihan ritual.
Subud (of the title) is one of a great many Javanese mystical movements which arose and expanded in membership in Indonesia in the period following World War II.
Partly because of the modernist and international orientation of Subud, the cultural roots of its doctrine have been only partially explored.
vii), so determined to work in Indonesia, making his first trip there in the early 1990s where he was advised to make Subud his case study.
Chapter Thirteen, the last in the book, is a "psychological commentary" and attempts to explore key features of Subud concepts and practice in reference to larger aspects of religious experience which might help to explain Subud's appeal to its members, particularly its Western audience.
18b, the phrase gilbel-un buku qongqad-u unjiyuluysan subud erdeni cimeg contains two morphological errors.