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SFALSwiss Federation for Adult Learning
SFALSuccess for All Learners (educational support document; Manitoba Education; Canada)
SFALStudents for Animal Liberation (University of Washington; Seattle, WA)
SFALSouth Florida Academy of Learning (Coconut Creek, FL)
SFALSuperficial Femoral Artery Ligation
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Now is the time to begin working together toward a system that helps to facilitate success for all learners.
FUTURE SUCCESS IN A GLOBAL COMMUNITY Harborne Hill ensures that there is success for all learners. There have been a number of successful targeted projects completed this year.
Significantly, it calls upon the communities in which children live to support programs and policies that ensure success for all learners.
The Journey to Excellence" in focusing on the two key dimensions of excellence: (1) engaging young people in the highest quality learning activities; and (2) focusing on outcomes and maximising success for all learners. This portrait is based on evidence obtained from HMIE visits to schools during the period 2004 to 2007.
The inclusion of visual and kinesthetic tools for thinking through and expressing ideas is instrumental to ensuring success for all learners. Through a progression of art and writing experiences that move from simple to complex, students gain skills in a facilitated, step-by-step manner.
* It is unethical for reading professionals and publishers of materials to claim or guarantee success for all learners
Our experience has taught us that to achieve our mission of success for all learners, we must mobilize the powerful forces within and outside education that influence social and financial priorities.
Data show that cultural and racial integration has the potential to increase academic success for all learners (Dilworth, 1990; Irvine, 1989 and Smith, 2004).
We see this goal as an essential prerequisite to our ultimate mission: success for all learners.
The State Department of Education will assist in delivering excellent programs and services, leading to success for all learners and meeting the letter and spirit of relevant laws, rules, and regulations.