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SUShut Up
SUSketchUp (Google application)
SUStumble Upon (website)
SUStraight Up
SuSunnuntai (Finnish: Sunday)
SUStatens Uddannelsesstøtte (state education grant and loan scheme in Denmark)
SUSiehe Unten (German: see below)
SUSonic Underground (TV show)
SUSpecial Unitary (mathematics; group theory)
SUService Uniform (US Navy)
SUSihala Urumaya (political party, Sri Lanka)
SUSupply-Use (tables)
SUSvar Udbedes (Danish: Reply Requested, on invitations)
SUSiegburg/Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German license plate)
SUStat Unit
SUSukhoi, Pavel Osipovich (aircraft designer)
SUSafe, Undetected Failure
SUSindh University Jamshoro (Pakistan)
SUSulphonyl Urea (herbicide)
SUSpitali Ushtarak (Albanian: Military Hospital)
SUSociety of the Sisters of St. Ursula (religious order)
SUSubmarine Unqualified
SUSurd'Universo ( Portugal)
SUSources and Uses
SUSilpakorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)
SUShenandoah University (Winchester, VA, USA)
SUSeattle University
SUScrew You
SUsearch unit (US DoD)
SUSoviet Union
SUShareholders United (campaigning to keep Manchester United independent)
SUSubscriber Unit
SUSwitch User (Linux)
SUStrayer University
SUShepherd University (Shepherdstown, WV)
SUSiliman University (Philippines)
SUSofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
SUAeroflot (airline code)
SUSingle User
SUSullivan University (Lexington, Kentucky)
SUStart Up (various organizations)
SUSudbury (Ontario city)
SUSouth Underground
SUSouthwestern University (Georgetown, Texas)
SUSydney University (Sydney, Australia)
SUStandard Unit
SUSamakhodnaya Ustanovka (Soviet self-propelled gun)
SUSims Unleashed (game)
SUSignal Unit (CCS #7 ITU-T)
SUShiraz University
SUSahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset (Gothenburg, Sweden hospital)
SUSituational Understanding (US Army)
SUStetson University
SUStudent Union
SUSonic Unleashed (video game)
SUSkinners Union
SUSpringfield University (The Simpsons)
SUSabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey)
SUSchreiner University (Kerrville, Texas)
SUSurface Unit
SUSub Urban Area (terrain type)
SUSalisbury University
SUScoville Unit (heat level of chili peppers)
SUSupervisory (duties)
SUStroke Unit (medicine)
SUService Unit
SUSusquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA)
SUSpousal Unit
SUScripture Union
SUStockholm University (Sweden)
SUSuperb Used (philately)
SUCanceled-To-Order (special philatelic cancel; hobby usage)
SUBelarus (ISO Country Identifier)
SUSamford University (Birmingham, AL, USA)
SUSelectable Unit (IBM)
SUSensor Unit
SUSignaling Unit
SUSoftware Update
SUSouthern University
SUStanford University (Stanford, CA)
SUStorage Unit
SUStudents' Union
SUSub Unit (USMC)
SUSyracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
SUShippensburg University
SUSwitching Unit
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Employment in Greater Sudbury in 2006 in the goods-producing sector accounted for 23% of the jobs while the service-producing sector accounted for 77% of local jobs.
Provision of Basic Necessities: Inner City Home of Sudbury (Sudbury, ON); Alice Housing (Dartmouth, NS); Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society (Calgary, AB);
There are ten chapters in the volume, which opens with a substantial review of the physical environment of the Sudbury area and its influence on urban development.
Sudbury Regional Police investigated the complaint and found no basis for criminal charges, according to a statement from the diocese.
Sudbury scientists unveiled their data on Monday in Victoria, British Columbia, at the annual congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists.
We are delighted to be opening the Sudbury contact center facility and bringing new jobs to the area," said Chad Carlson, chief operations officer of ClientLogic.
Other educational institutions in the Sudbury involved in construction projects include the Glad Tidings Tabernacle Academy, which is building a $2.
It's also interesting that the filmmakers decided that their film should make its debut at Cinefest Sudbury because the likelihood of it being seen and appreciated by an audience of real moviegoers would be greater than if it got lost in the hundreds of films screened in Toronto.
theory after finding evidence linking the Sudbury structure to a meteorite impact.
E[acute accent]The Airport Property is located in the Sudbury Mining District, Ontario, Canada, just outside the east rim of the Sudbury Basin on the southeast horn of the Basin; and 1.
As a sign of the company's long-term commitment to the region, Makuch says FNX is looking to spend virtually all of its $173 million capital expenditure and exploration budget for 2007, in the Sudbury area, a figure he hopes will eventually ramp up to $300 million per year.
The only viable explanation is that the Sudbury Complex formed from the melting of crustal rocks by way of a meteoritic impact.