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SNOSudbury Neutrino Observatory
SNOSocial Network Optimization
SNOSchool Number One (Russia)
SNOSakon Nakhon, Thailand (Airport Code)
SNOStrategic Network Optimization (software)
SNOSimultaneous Nadir Overpass (climate study)
SNOSatellite Network Operator
SNOSecond Network Operator
SNOSocietà dei Neurologi, Neurochirurghi e Neuroradiologi Ospedalieri (Italy)
SNOScienze Neurologiche Ospedaliere
SNOSociété Nautique de l'Oise (France)
SNOSenior National Officer
SNOSport Nautique de l'Ouest (France: Water Sports West)
SNOStatement of No Objection
SNOSaturday Night Oldies (radio show)
SNOSubject Named Officer
SNOSystem Node Opérator
SNOSenior Noncommissioned Officer
SNOSenior Neighborhood Officer (Oregon)
SNOSpin Natural Orbital
SNOSpecial Naval Operation
SNOStudent Nurse's Organization (various locations)
SNOScuderia Non Originale (Italian car club; California; est. 2004)
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Amsbaugh et al., "Measurement of the [v.sub.e] and total [sup.8]B solar neutrino fluxes with the sudbury neutrino observatory phase-III data set," Physical Review C, vol.
Experiments like Japan's Super-Kamiokande and Canada's Sudbury Neutrino Observatory can reveal not just when a supernova has occurred but approximately where.
Redpath Limited, the work is expanding the existing Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO).
For instance, the chapter on solar neutrinos is already obsolete because of the recent results from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, which confirmed the theory that neutrinos can change identity (S&T: September 2001, page 18).
McDonald, director of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Ontario.
The subterranean Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) has begun to detect the mysterious subatomic particles called neutrinos, according to a June 9th announcement from Canada's Queen's University.
The proposed Sudbury Neutrino Observatory would sit 6,800 feet underground in a nickle mine near Sudbury, Ontario, using a heavy water (deuterium oxide) detector to measure the same kind of neutrinos observed at the Kamiokande detector.
The recent announcement of Sudbury Neutrino Observatory's (SNO) $38.9-million expansion to add scientific capability to the current neutrino observatory will mean more than extra dollars going into the community, says David Sinclair, director of SNOLAB and a professor of physics at Carlton University.
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, or SNO, is buried 2,070 meters (6,800 feet) underground in a working nickel mine near Sudbury, Ontario.
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory - Gilles Leduc, owner of CK Howard and ECMS conducted a thorough on-site evaluation at the neutrino observatory to determine the best-suited fire protection system.
The sections on underground and underwater detectors -- such as Gallex in Italy's Gran Sasso Tunnel, the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Canada, DUMAND off the Hawaiian coast, Kamiokande in Japan, and Baksan in Russia -- are almost up to date.
In Sudbury, scientists come from around the world to the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. Our resource companies are world class and many of our resource supply companies are building international reputations.