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SUDOKUSuji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru (Japanese: the digits must remain single; a number puzzle)
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For whatever reason, I've had my most enriching Sudoku jazz experiences with contemporary musicians who improvise in relatively clean, relatively legible language.
The 13th PSSC, organized by the Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines (MTG) with SM Supermalls as exclusive sponsor, had five categories: Sudoku Grandmaster division for 16 years.
SUDOKU is a puzzle-typed game not related to mathematics directly although it has numerical components.
There'll be more prize competitions to come and we'll find extra space to promote them without disturbing the Sudoku!
A Sudoku puzzle is a miniature of the climate modeling enterprise--an edifice layered concept by concept.
This enables the game play to be much faster than a traditional round of Sudoku. That's what inspired the name of the game, it can be done in a snap!”
It is thought that spending 15 minutes a day doing a crossword, sudoku or another puzzle could be beneficial.
On the bottom of the ticket showing my number was a sudoku puzzle!
A MATHS genius has thrown down the gauntlet to sudoku players by putting together the world's hardest puzzle.
The Indian film actor, producer, hotelier, fashion boutique owner and a known philanthropist, is all set to champion the autism cause by attending the third edition of the Black & White You Play Sudoku Open to All competition - 2012 at the Oman Auditorium of Al Bustan Palace hotel on June 1.
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