SUDZSustainable Urban Development Zone (Wisconsin)
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About Croptown Creative -- Sudz in the City Sudz in the City is the premier craft beer event in Fresno, Calif.
The Sudz line includes eight bar soaps, six body washes packaged in reusable water bottles and two self-foaming pump soaps.
The Wireless Works Handset Protection Program is designed to meet the needs of both the wireless user and the retail sales channel," said Sudz Khawaja, Wireless Works CEO.
Benjamin Chavis, Advisory Board Chairman and Company Spokesperson for Energy Edge and its Africa Initiative added, "I personally want to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire Joint Venture team for successfully planting the seeds for what we believe will be a solid, solution-based foundation for Ghana and its people, and to individually thank Kofi Nfi Mensah-Bonsu and Martin Sudz, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs for Trillacorpe Construction, for their leadership and unwavering dedication to this project.
Bebe Michele, founded by Michele Varsano and launched in September of 2000, offers Baby Sudz Bath wash, a natural liquid cleanser derived from pure castile soap with lavender and chamomile.
PWS is the nation's largest developer of new laundry stores, with multiple brands, including SpinCycle, Lucy's LaundryMart, Launderland and Sudz, under construction today in six states.
There was a tie for the Blockbuster Audience Award for Best Feature Film between director Sudz Sutherland for Love, Sex and Eating the Bones and Michael Schultz for Woman Thou Art Loosed.
The Citytv Award for Best Canadian First Feature went to Sudz Sutherland for Love, Sex and Eating Bones.
Character Bath and Shower Sudz and Shampoo, Lip Balms, Bath Poufs, Body Art and Gift Sets are now available.
Founded in 1968, PWS is the leading provider of a comprehensive set of services to coin laundry store operators in the states of California and Nevada, including: the development of new stores under the trade names of Launderland, Sudz, Lucy's(R) LaundryMart(R) and SpinCycle(R); the brokerage of existing stores; the sale of laundry equipment and parts; and providing service, support and financing.