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SUFASocial Union Framework Agreement (Canada)
SUFAStand Up for Animals (Westerly, RI)
SUFASupport to Freshwater Aquaculture (various nations)
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After all the munitions were dropped, the final "Sufa" fighter pilot radioed "Arizona from all of us," meaning that all of the bombs hit their target and exploded as planned.
This offer was accepted by Sufa, which agreed to immediately lift its strike.
While SUFA as a political accord has faded, the direction embedded in the accord continues to shape accountability in federal-provincial transfers.
SufA's borrowed this metaphorical image and transferred it from its eschatological context to describe mystical illumination in the present, as in the unveiling of the beloved to his lovers at the end of the path, articulated in the eighth century by RAbi'a al-'Adawiyya al-Qaysiyya of Basra, one of the most famous women in the history of Islamic mysticism.
Images of the attempted attack on the southern town of Sufa showed black-clad men emerging in a field.
Israel released dramatic footage of the attempted attack on the southern town of Sufa, showing black-clad men emerging in a field.
It's like living under curfew."Just moments before the humanitarian truce began at 0700 GMT, Israeli tank fire killed three people in southern Gaza, Palestinian medics said.And the army said it had foiled a "major terror attack" by a group of 13 militants who managed to enter southern Israel by tunnel and were seen heading towards Sufa kibbutz near the fence, army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner told reporters.They were targeted in an air strike, which killed one and sent the others fleeing back into the tunnel, he said.
It is not clear what the exact nature of the mission was only that the tunnel opening was near the Sufa Kibbutz, close to both the Gazan and Egyptian borders.
(f) The F-16F is a Block 70 F-16 modeled after the Israel Defense Force's two-seat, medium-range F-16I Sufa. Table 2.
As a key player in China's nuclear power valve industry, Sufa Technology Industry Co, of CNNC is provided with enormous technical strength.
Previously, four commercial crossings operated on the border: Karni Crossing, through which all commercial trucks exited and most trucks entered; Sufa Crossing, through which all humanitarian goods and construction materials were transported; and Nahal Oz, through which fuel and cooking gas were imported.
In theory there are four crossings through which vital supplies can be brought in from Israel and beyond (including the occupied West Bank) -- Sufa, Nahal Oz, Kerem Abu Salem and Karni.