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SCRIScottish Crop Research Institute (formerly Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, United Kingdom)
SCRISpecialty Crop Research Initiative (USDA)
SCRISupercomputer Computations Research Institute
SCRISun Coast Resources, Inc. (Houston, TX)
SCRISustainable Cities Research Institute (Northumbria University; UK)
SCRISecure Configuration Remediation Initiative
SCRISteel Can Recycling Institute
SCRISagami Chemical Research Center (Kanagawa, Japan)
SCRISecure Compliance Remediation Initiative (US DoD, Defense Information Systems Agency)
SCRISugar Crops Research Institute
SCRISpecialty Crops Regulatory Initiative
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(National Sugar Crops Research Institute (NSCRI) experimental farm Thatta; Rana Tarique Agricultural Farm Shahbandar Thatta; Colonel Aslam Agricultural Farm Kadhan Badin and Bashir Bhurgri Agricultural Farm Shaikh Bherkio Hyderabad.
Appendix-1.Summary of meteorological data recorded at Meteorological Station of National Sugar Crops Research Institute, Thatta during 2008.
National Sugar Crops Research Institute, PARC, Makli Thatta, *Guard Rice Company (Pvt) Limited, Golarchi, Badin, **National Coordinator Sugar Crops, NARC, Corresponding Author's E mail:
During 2001-02 and 2002-03 crop seasons performance of eleven promising candidate sugarcane varieties obtained from different Sugarcane Research Institutes of Pakistan along with local check Thatta-10 was tested at National Sugar Crops Research Institute, farm Thatta.