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SUHBScience of Unitary Human Beings
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Established in 2001, SUHB is the only official "high-grade" hospital in western Gyeonggi-do.
For over 25 years at our college, a holistic nursing elective has been offered to introduce SUHB and holistic nursing modalities to undergraduate nursing students.
Alligood (2002) went on to align the three SUHB homeodynamic principles-resonancy, helicy, and integrality--with the three concepts of the theory of the art of nursing.
Using Rogers' SUHB conceptual framework principles of homeodynamics, which are resonancy, helicy, and integrality was the means to identify and synthesize the discovery of the four manifestations (Rogers, 1970, 1990, 1992).
Let the principles of homeodynamics be our guide; in our infinite wholeness lets resonate in mutual process and integral presence to innovate and deepen our understanding of the potentials for diversity and complexity within Rogers' SUHB. After all, that is the essence of the purposes of the Society of Rogerian Scholars: Advance nursing as a basic science; explore the meaning of a philosophy of wholeness for nursing; foster the understanding and use of the Science of Unitary Human Beings as a basis for theory development, research, education, and practice; provide avenues for dissemination of information related to the Science of Unitary Human Beings; create forums for scholarly debate; and provide educational forums on the Science of Unitary Human Beings.
Given our commitment to the advancement of the SUHB, we asked, How can praxis help build the SUHB?
Cowling asked us to consider the interconnectedness of three theoretical perspectives and Bramlett and colleagues suggested cultural relevance within the SUHB. Educating from the perspective of Arcari, Willis, and Flanagan provided fertile discussion about an emerging construct, living awareness.
One has only to pick up a nursing journal, and even a few of the nursing theory texts, to find work that inconsistently describes unitary science, especially as it relates to the SUHB. Literature that inadequately or sometimes erroneously portrays unitary science, can lead future nurse scholars and researchers to an inaccurate understanding [of the science].
Barrett (2010) summarized and updated the power theory, which she developed within Rogers' (1970) science of unitary human beings (SUHB).
Advance the Science of Human Unitary Beings (SUHB) (Marlaine Smith)