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I think claimants should undergo proper work-based tests to see if they're suitable for work.
"Any clothing suitable for work will enable our young people to attend training and interviews in appropriate clothing, giving them the best chance into employment.
In a business world of 24/7 demands, investors selected the cities for their round-the-clock offering of services and environments, suitable for work and comfortable living, as wall as offering ample entertainment opportunities.
artificial protein shell 35mm, color - onion or equivalent, suitable for work with low temperature mince ((- 3.
Sunin's Dispersion Mixer is a machine suitable for work in narrow spaces in laboratories, with a handy and practical design.
In addition, the new machines are quieter than the old ones, making them suitable for work at all times of the day or in more enclosed environments.
The Purifier Delta Series Safety Cabinets provide personnel, product, and environmental protection, and are suitable for work with agents that require biosafety level one, two, or three containment.
"The comics in particular are suitable for work with children because of their simple sentence structures, repeated text and rhymes."
Public health england (phe) is planning to purchase the imaging systems suitable for work in category 3 laboratories.