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SULCISStockholm University Linnaeus Center for Integration Studies (Sweden)
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Detailed study and deepening of the cognitive picture of the danger and risk of landslides in the sub basins 1 (sulcis) - 2 (tirso) - 4 (liscia) - 5 (posada - cedrino) - 6 (south-eastern) - 7 (flumendosa - campidano - cixerri).
The factor [f.sub.m] of the Sulcis coal sample is 0.1723 for both [N.sub.2] and C[O.sub.2].
The in-depth investigation, opened in 2008, already concerned the Sulcis project.
From Sulcis (Sardinia) there is a silver cup with a Punic inscription: P.
Juve led inside a minute through Filippo Inzaghi, but conceded a 13th minute equaliser to Giovanni Sulcis.
The pottery on display, for example, contrasts the sixth- and eighth-century BC undecorated, functional amphorae from Cagliari and Sulcis in Sardinia with the painted and highly sophisticated contemporary ceramics from Corinth and Chalcis (two eastern Greek states).
Output of Sulcis coal from the Nuraxi Figus mines in Sardinia remained the same: 60,000 t of washed coal (lower calorific value = 5,200 kcal/kg) coming from the preparation plant.
Periodic indicative notice without call for competition: Coal and biomass transport service from the portovesme commercial quay to sulcis central, Park, Recovery and ancillary services for coal and biomass handling
en la region de Sulcis, en el so de Cerdena, con el fin de identificar de la forma mas optima posible el conjunto de agentes, ya fenicios, ya nuragicos, que participan en ellos en sus diferentes fases: compra, produccion, uso y comunicacion.
The recurrence of geometric Greek skyphoi in tombs of Tal Liedna and Tas Silg links Malta with Carthage, Motye, Sulcis, and the Iberian peninsula (p.