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SRUSlippery Rock University (Pennsylvania)
SRUScottish Rugby Union
SRUSolidarité et Renouvellement Urbain (French: Solidarity and Urban Renewal; French government act)
SRUSri Ramachandra University (India)
SRUShop Replaceable Unit
SRUSearch and Rescue Unit (US DoD)
SRUSupport Repository Update (Oracle Software Updates)
SRUSulfur Recovery Unit (refinery term)
SRUSalve Regina University (Newport, RI)
SRUSpecial Rescue Unit (Bureau of Fire Protection; Philippines)
SRUStrategic Response Unit
SRUSeismic Research Unit (University of the West Indies; St. Augustine, Trinidad)
SRUSociety of Radiologists in Ultrasound
SRUSpecial Response Unit
SRUSingapore Rugby Union
SRUSpace Replaceable Unit (US NASA)
SRUSignal Receiving Unit
SRUStable Release Update
SRUSpells 'R' Us (shared story network)
SRUStellar Reference Unit
SRUSafety Regulation Unit
SRUSustainable Resource Use
SRUSoil Remediation Unit
SRUSilver Recovery Unit
SRUSearch and Retrieve via URLs
SRUSociety for Reaching the Unreached (India)
SRUShip Repair Unit (India)
SRUSeaplane Reconnaissance Unit (US Navy)
SRUShop Replacement Unit
SRUStrategic Readiness Update (US Army)
SRUSubassembly Repairable Unit
SRUSystem Resource Unit (benchmarking)
SRUSignal Regenerator Unit
SRUSlip Ring Unit (electrical engineering)
SRUSubmarine Rescue Unit
SRUShip Replaceable Unit
SRUSubsystem Repairable Unit
SRUSenior Referral Unit (insurance)
SRUSelective Reserve Unit
SRUSystem Replaceable Unit
SRUSignificantly Revised Up
SRUStandard Reference Unit
SRUShelf Ready Unit
SRUStandard Replacement Unit
SRUSynchro Repeater Unit (Switchboard)
SRUSeptage Receiving Unit (sanitation)
SRUSignal Resistor Unit
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Tenders are invited for Comprehensive survey and commissioning of the water-chemical regime (water chemistry) of the boiler system of the Bashneft-Novoil production site (the hydrogen production unit, the sulfur recovery unit, the catalytic reforming and isomerization unit of L-35-11 / 1000 gasoline, the combined diesel hydrotreatment unit fractions and catalytic reforming of gasoline "ZHEXA", waste sulfuric acid recovery unit (ROSC)
Production and injection of sweet gas from the fourth sweetening train of SP13 treatment facility is taking place at a time the first train of sulfur recovery unit of this phase has become operational by supplying 6 tonnes per hour of acid gas to the reaction furnace.
On May 28, 2010, the Horizon plant's sulfur recovery unit failed and hydrogen sulfide escaped at both ground level and through a flare stack.
The oxygen-blown coal IGCC demonstration plant facilities include a coal handling system, oxygen-blown coal gasifier, gas purification unit, sulfur recovery unit, air separation unit, wastewater treating unit, gas turbine combined cycle power generation unit (GTCC), and other associated equipment.
The hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are directed to the sulfur recovery unit where the hydrogen sulfide is converted to elemental sulfur.
Under the terms of the transaction, Holly will invest in several necessary upgrades, including installation of a distillate treating system and sulfur recovery unit, to ensure the long-term viability and environmental compliance of the refinery.
The design will also include provisions for the future installation of a Sulfur Recovery Unit.
* Mobile Sulfur Recovery Unit: A mobile regenerable process for the safe testing of sour gas wells.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The first sulfur recovery unit (SRU) of the onshore refinery of South Pars Phase 13 has become operational.
The project included a 15,000 barrel per day coker, a sulfur recovery unit and upgrades to process units throughout the refinery to incorporate the new production units into the existing refinery.
When used in a tail gas treating unit in conjunction with a Claus sulfur recovery unit (SRU), the new technology has the capability to achieve greater than 99.99% overall sulfur recovery and very low emissions to cope with future requirements.
To the end of his remarks, Doj said the third and fourth lines of sulfur recovery unit have been put into operation since start of this year thanks to efforts and endeavors of the experts of the Sixth Refinery.