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SULISSustainable Urban Landscape Information Series
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The chart showed a mile of the Suli river where it emptied into the sea.
BATH TIME The city's historic Roman baths and, below, statue of the goddess Sulis Minerva
As she absorbs all knowledge she can about the monuments, learning to be quick with numbers and knowledgeable about engineering basics, Sulis grows savvy and wise - and develops a romance with one Gwyr, who also aspires to build monuments that will keep the local clans joined and harmonious.
Country: UK, Sector: Consumer Products, Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: Aquae Sulis Water Coolers LtdBuyer: Angel Springs Holdings LimitedType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
It's not all girly facials and manicures -my favourite was the Aquae Sulis Mud Wrap.
Compiled by Robert Sulis Ridu, Ritikos Jitab, and Jonas Noeb.
The resort's spa, Aquae Sulis, features a series of therapeutic baths in a palatial setting.
She has been training hard with a club called Aquae Sulis near Bath.