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SPIDService Profile Identifier (ISDN)
SPIDService Parts Identification (vehicles)
SPIDServer Process Id
SPIDService Profile Identifier
SPIDService Parts Identification
SPIDStandards Profile for Image Distribution
SPIDSouth Padre Island Drive (Corpus Christi, TX highway)
SPIDSum of Pain Intensity Difference
SPIDStandards Profile for Imagery Distribution
SPIDStatistically Planned Incremental Delivery(ies)
SPIDServices Professionnels d'Interventions en Développement
SPIDSpecial Packaging Instruction Drawing
SPIDSindrom Priobretennogo Immunodeficita (Russian: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)
SPIDSub-Packet Identification (data transmission)
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The primary endpoint was the change in SPID-30 (sum of pain intensity differences from baseline-30 minutes).
We calculated the mean pain intensity difference at the first postoperative hour (MPID1) and the sum of pain intensity differences (SPID1).
The company theorized that the trial missed the primary endpoint (the sum of pain intensity differences between the baseline and day 21) primarily because of patient dropouts in the first week of dosing, noting that it still felt the secondary endpoints demonstrated proof of concept.
The study involved 75 opioid-tolerant patients and demonstrated statistically significant improvement as measured on the primary endpoint, the Sum of Pain Intensity Differences at 60 minutes, the company said.
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