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SDNSun Developer Network (Sun Microsystems)
SDNSAP Developer Network
SDNSOF (Special Operations Forces) Deployable Node
SDNSociale Databank Nederland (Dutch)
SDNSociété Des Nations
SDNStudent Doctor Network
SDNSolution Dyed Nylon (fibers)
SDNSelf Defending Network
SDNSoftware Distribution Network
SDNService Dialing Numbers
SDNSystem Development Network
SDNSun Developer Network
SDNSandane, Norway (Airport Code)
SDNSoftware Defined Network
SDNSecure Data Network
SDNSpecially Designated National
SDNService Delivery Network
SDNSelf-Defending Network
SDNSundhedsdatanettet (Danish: Health Data Network)
SDNSwitched Data Network
SDNStandard Document Number
SDNShareware Distribution Network
SDNStructural DNA Nanotechnology
SDNSocial Development Network (Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports; Singapore)
SDNSudan Republic
SDNS4C Digital Networks (television)
SDNSwitched Digital Network
SDNSystem Development Notification
SDNSchedule Deletion Notification
SDNSprint Dial Network
SDNSpatial Data Network(ing) (geographic information systems and remote sensing)
SDNSystem Defined Network
SDNStation/Subscriber Directory Number
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Sun said the development platform, along with Sun Java Studio Creator, is available at no cost to all Sun Developer Network (SDN) registered developers.
The initiatives include two new levels of membership in the Sun Developer Network -- Sun Developer Network Standard and Sun Developer Network Professional -- and two new developer promotions, an Apple developer promotion offering Sun Java Studio Creator for Mac OS X at no charge, and a free high performance Sun AMD Opteron processor-based workstation for new Sun Developer Network members who purchase a three-year Sun Java Studio Enterprise software subscription.
As the ultimate platform architecture for building and deploying open, enterprise-ready Web services, Solaris 9 extends its performance improvements across Oracle's Database infrastructure as well as applications suite," said Doug Kaewert, vice president, Sun Developer Network, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java Studio Creator is available as part of the Sun Developer Network subscription programme and subscribers receive a one-year subscription to Sun Developer Network Standard plus a perpetual license to Java Studio Creator for USD99, including free updates during the life of the subscription.
Sun will now integrate Pixo's products and technologies into its Java technology strategy and offer them to its Sun Developer Network Mobility Program, Business Mobility Initiative and Unified Testing Initiative for Wireless Java Applications.