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SUNWSun Microsystems, Inc (former stock symbol; now JAVA)
SUNWStanford University Network Workstation (Sun Microsystems, Inc)
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Jonathan Schwartz, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
com via sforce reduces the complexity and risk of application development, while at the same time providing developers with easy access to a secure enterprise class deployment environment," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Nasdaq:EMBT), a leading provider of application and database lifecycle management solutions, today introduced Describe(R) for Sun(TM) ONE Studio and announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Sun Fire, Sun StorEdge, Solaris, and Raid Manager are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun's strategy is to provide customers with open, cost-effective solutions," said Nigel Woodward, Global Alliances Manager, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Nasdaq:ITRA), a leading provider of global electronic software delivery and management (ESDM) solutions, today announced that Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun and SunGard have long provided scalable, proven and open infrastructure and services to our joint customers, who are the bellwethers in the financial services and business continuity industries," said Doug Kaewert, vice president, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Demonstrating scalability and transaction speed for the value chain segment, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
In addition to offering a cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to Windows NT Server, Sun Cobalt server appliances provide the continuous uptime and rock-solid protection that every organisation needs to remain profitable in today's competitive e-business marketplace," said Peder Ulander, director of marketing for the Sun Cobalt division of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Bowstreet shares our vision for a services on demand architecture, and provides the dynamic Web services assembly our customers will need as they develop and implement Web services," said Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun ONE Webtop is a key component of Sun's smart services strategy as it enables developers to integrate and deliver essential office productivity services to a broad range of devices," said Pat Sueltz, Sun's Executive Vice President, Software Systems Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc.