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He put aside his bow, and went neither to fight nor to hunt, but from sunrise to sunset he sat by the place where she was laid, thinking of his happiness that was buried there.
Content to work from sunrise to sunset to gain a mere subsistence for her children, she lived in their future, not in her own present, as a mother is wont to do when her own lot seems hard and cheerless.
A daylight watch was maintained from sunrise to sunset upon a bluff near the camp--a jutting shoulder of rock which overlooked the sea.
193 pages in length, Hawaiian Sunrise to Sunset: A Middle School Counselor's Diary of a Working Day is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the educator's autobiography category.
A Busy, Busy Day in Tinga Tinga will retail at GBP7.99 and Tinga Tinga Tales: From Sunrise to Sunset in Tinga Tinga is priced at GBP4.99.
"Sunrise to Sunset: And All That Lies Between" is a compilation of all of that life experience, as McIntyre tries to pass on his lessons and reflections of living on the eastern shore of Maryland.
Tradition requires the faithful to abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset during the month-long observance.
In keeping with tradition, they fasted from sunrise to sunset. "This can be extremely difficult because we break our fast well into the evening," Raju says.
In fact, this artificial horizon reproduces the effects of the sun in transit above the Venetian Mediterranean, but a condensed version: Within fifteen minutes, every viewer can experience the rich range of color and varying degrees of brightness of light on a single day, from sunrise to sunset. (The lights have been calibrated to recordings recently made in the local setting.) As you concentrate on the luminous line, however, strange physiological effects are triggered in your eyes, and a second line, a kind of visual echo of the first, starts to travel upwards before fading away.
During the first 15 days of the operation, Det 2 flew a schedule that operated from sunrise to sunset. Supply staging, loading, and delivery to preselected landing zones along the western coast was executed by a combination of Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps personnel at Indonesia's Sabang Airport.