SuperDARNSuper Dual Auroral Radar Network
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Therefore Superdarn sets a fair standard in tonight's contest and appears the measure of his rivals.
The market will tell a tale, but I'll side with Superdarn.
"The goal of SuperDARN is to understand how the ionosphere responds to the wildly varying conditions that Earth is subjected to.
installed the first SuperDARN site at Goose Bay, Labrador in 1983.
Department of Defense, will extend the viewing range of SuperDARN from central Canada westward through Alaska.
Congress established the Geophysical Institute in the late 1940s to study the arctic auroras and magnetic storms, as well as radio communications and climate; so overseeing the SuperDARN facility on Kodiak Island is a logical expansion for the Geophysical Institute.
SuperDARN radars are harmless to humans and animals, said Bristow.
Kodiak government officials, last winter, gave the go-ahead for construction of the SuperDARN installation at Cape Chiniak, a remote site about 45 miles from town.
They say SuperDARN and HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program's facility at Gakona (located north of Fairbanks), are the latest in defense weapons technology and believe, moreover, the sole purpose of ionospheric research is to benefit the military.
"Like a radar, SuperDARN sends out a signal and waits for an echo return," he explains.
The provincial investment, which matches funding from the federal government through the Canada Foundation for Innovations Major Science Initiatives Fund and the Canadian Space Agencys Geospace Observatories Canada program, will be used to operate SuperDARN Canadas radars.
Working together with our provincial and federal partners, we are playing a leadership role in the international SuperDARN collaboration through the development of leading-edge radar technology and distribution of data around the world that will one day enable true space weather forecasting, University of Saskatchewan Vice-President of Research Karen Chad said.