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A solvent free supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process is used in conjunction with an immobilized enzyme to remove the active alcohols from raw material, including sugarcane wax, beeswax and rice bran.
This interesting book deals with recent developments in the use of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SCFE).
The amount of such oxygenated compounds as linalol, decilic aldehyde, neral and geranial in cold-pressed essential oils was concentrated tenfold when using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. This level of recovery is essential for successful commercial applications.
The following selection of chapter titles should give the reader a reasonable idea of the ground that is covered: Fundamentals of processing with supercritical fluids; Mass transfer phenomena in supercritical carbon dioxide extraction for production of spice essential oils; Separation of oil from fried chips by a supercritical extraction process; Selecting a pump for supercritical fluid service; Supercritical carbon dioxide processing of orange juice; High pressure extraction of organics from water; Commercial feasibility of supercritical extraction plant for making reduced-calorie peanuts.