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SCGState Commission on Gambling (various locations)
SCGSydney Cricket Ground
SCGSrbija I Crna Gora (Servian: Serbia and Montenegro)
SCGSerbia and Montenegro
SCGSymposium on Computational Geometry
SCGsuperior cervical ganglion
SCGSport Computer Graphics (Netherlands)
SCGSecurity Classification Guide
SCGSaban Capital Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA; est. 2001)
SCGSlow Crack Growth
SCGSurvey and Certification Group (Medicare)
SCGStrategic Coordinating Group (UK)
SCGService Control Gateway (telecommunications)
SCGSmall Community Grant (various locations)
SCGSave Concorde Group (UK)
SCGSouth Coast Gas (est. 1945; Raceland, LA)
SCGState Class Graph (engineering)
SCGSurf City Garage (Huntington Beach, CA)
SCGStarcraft Ghost (game)
SCGScots Gaelic (linguistics)
SCGSummit Consulting Group (various locations)
SCGService Canadien des Glaces (Canadian Ice Service)
SCGStandard Classification of Goods (Canadian codes for commerce)
SCGScreen Cartoonists Guild
SCGScience Coordination Group
SCGSuper Continuum Generation (optical fiber)
SCGSynchronous Clock Generator
SCGScience Coordinating Group
SCGSwitching Controller Group
SCGSociety of the Classic Guitar
SCGSchweizerischer Chiropraktoren-Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Chiropractors' Society; Switzerland)
SCGSyndication Cuts Guide (The Simpson's cartoon)
SCGSolar Concentrator Group
SCGStandards Coordination Group
SCGSociety of Craniofacial Genetics (since 1975)
SCGSwitch Control Group
SCGStatic Cost Greedy Algorithm
SCGSelective Coronarography
SCGState Cemetery Grant (US VA)
SCGSchützen Corps Gesellschaft (German shooting club)
SCGSub-Channel Grouping
SCGSaudi Coast Guard
SCGSystem Clock Generation (Nortel)
SCGStandard Chatered Grindlays
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Effects of 1,8-cineole on electrophysiological parameters of neurons of the rat superior cervical ganglion. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2009; 36: 1068-1073, doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1681.2009.05188.x.
Microvascularization of the rat superior cervical ganglion. A three-dimensional observation.
Cervical rotation and compression of the arterial wall is postulated to cause a small intimal tear that leads to intra-medial haemorrhage compromising the vascular supply to the superior cervical ganglion. (Fletcher et al., 1995) The signs of a Horner's syndrome may present up to 5 days after the injury.
At least 10% of the non-myelinated nerves comprise the autonomic supply made up of either sympathetic fibers derived from the superior cervical ganglion or parasympathetic fibers from either the sphenopalatine ganglion for the upper teeth or the otic ganglion for the lower teeth.
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