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After establishing contact with the Beale Supervisor of Flying and the Chase Car officer, he declared an emergency and began adjusting gross weight to allow for a safe landing.
He began a gentle turn away from high terrain and contacted the Supervisor of Flying to advise him of the situation and his intentions.
Ultimately, SENTRY 60 declared IFE with Air Traffic Control and returned to base following coordination with Supervisor of Flying. The crew elected to dump fuel en route to max landing weight--left fuel dump chute failed to extend upon activation.
Late that same afternoon, I was atop the Nellis AFB control tower serving as Supervisor of Flying (SOF).
After extensive coordination with Gila Bend tower, his wingman, and the supervisor of flying, he flawlessly aligned the aircraft for a straight-in approach to landing, making only turns into the good engine per A-10 single-engine operations.
About 150 miles from our base, we checked the automated terminal information system (ATIS) and called our Supervisor of Flying (SOF) to check on the field status.
After extensive coordination with the supervisor of flying and air traffic control, the crew dumped gas to get to a safe landing weight before executing a flawless single-engine approach and landing.
We had been briefed at Base Operations that nothing unusual was planned for that day and the Supervisor of Flying had no words for us.
The RCP also notified the Supervisor of Flying. The crew then completed all remaining checklists to include single-engine (ERASSE) items, normal pattern and landing checklist.
He notified the supervisor of flying of his situation and completed another battle damage assessment with his wingman.
Meanwhile, the navigators kept a watchful eye on the weather and the electronic warfare officer coordinated with squadron supervision, the Supervisor of Flying, and the Duty Instructor Pilot.
Now I felt more in control and finally had a moment to contact the Supervisor of Flying (SOF).
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