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Three hundred seventy-eight adult patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension, defined as supine diastolic blood pressure between 95 mm Hg and 114 mm Hg, inclusive, were screened for enrollment into this study.
At the final open-label visit, the patient had to demonstrate an average supine diastolic blood pressure of <90 mm Hg with the high and low values of the three readings not varying by more than 7 mm Hg in order to qualify for the third phase (double-blind) of the study.
The primary efficacy variable was the number of patients on each regimen who maintained a supine diastolic blood pressure of[less than or equal to]90 mm Hg by the end of the double-blind treatment period.
Patients in the indapamide 2.5[right arrow]1.25 mg treatment group experienced a mean decrease in supine diastolic blood pressure of 11.5 mm Hg (from 98.3 to 86.6 mm Hg) by week 16, compared with a decrease of 10.4 mm Hg (from 98.5 to 88.0 mm Hg) for patients who received indapamide 2.5[right arrow]2.5 mg.