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SHASSVM (Service Module) Harness Subsystem
SHASScottish Health Advisory Service (est. 1970; now National Health Service Quality Improvement Scotland)
SHASSafe Haven Animal Sanctuary (San Jose, CA)
SHASSupplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance
SHASSubjective High Assessment Scale (alcohol intoxication)
SHASShomrei Torah Sephardim-Sephardi Torah Guardians (Israeli political party)
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Reported by: Supplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance Project Group, participating state and local health departments.
The Supplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance Project: an approach for monitoring HIV risk behaviors.
Sullivan PS, Nakashima AK, Purcell D, Ward JW, and the Supplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance Study Group.
Information from 12 local and state health departments participating in the Supplement to HIV/AIDS Surveillance Project (3) indicates that many infected adolescents and young adults continue to engage in high-risk sexual behaviors (e.