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However, the warranties on your servers may not allow you to increase the supply air temperature, or you may have service level agreements that require specific conditions.
The objective of this study was to identify the correlation between the minimum airflow and supply air temperature that would maintain satisfactory thermal comfort in the occupied zone when introducing warm air into the room.
(3&4) used to determine the supply air temperature ([T.sub.s]) for displacement ventilation applications, [14&15].
Similarly, Figure 11 presents the effect of air change rate when the supply air temperature is 18[degrees]C and floor temperature is 19[degrees]C.
Firstly the design air flow rate of VAV ventilation was increased, which allowed lower supply air temperatures. Secondly the supply air temperature control for two of the coldest rooms was controlled separately from the air supplied to warmer rooms, which reduced the supply of warm air into the warmer offices.
The maximum possible savings of approximately 22.7% was found by running the testbed for 15 chilled water supply temperature set-points between 2.22[degrees]C and 11.1[degrees]C (36.0[degrees]F and 52.0[degrees]F) (with the supply air temperature set-point set at 5.56[degrees]C [10.0[degrees]F] above the chilled water supply set-point) and at each time step selecting the lowest total operating cost.
Theoretically the displacement ventilation system can provide comparable thermal comfort and indoor air quality with lower air volume and higher supply air temperature which can potentially make it more energy efficient than the traditional mixing ventilation systems.
"If the outside air temperature is higher than the required supply air temperature but lower than the temperature of the air returning to the cooling equipment, it can still provide partial cooling and reduce the load on the cooling equipment," explains Berkeley Lab.
The supply air temperature in all these cases was maintained at 65 F (18.3 C).
(3) In the former two applications, the issue is not the conflict between supply air temperature, required air turnover, and sensible load, but rather a lower limit for supply air temperature to the space that is substantially higher than the required supply air dew-point temperature to the space.
The supply air is delivered from an air-handling unit, in which the supply air temperature is conditioned to a preferable temperature and humidity.
The developed model predicts compressor power, heat capacity, coefficient of performance (COP), and supply air temperature and humidity ration as a function of airflow rate, air conditions entering the coil, and outdoor air temperature.
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