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SCEMSolid Carbide End Mill (tool)
SCEMSupply Chain Event Management
SCEMSuzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (motorcycles)
SCEMScanning Electron Microscope
SCEMScanning Confocal Electron Microscopy
SCEMSociété Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)
SCEMSedgwick County Emergency Management (Wichita, KS)
SCEMScottish Christian Engaged in Mission (UK)
SCEMSurvivability Cost Estimating Model
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(2002), "Report: Supply Chain Event Management Emerges,", http://
She goes on to add, "Verano's eBusiness platform provides us with a key differentiator in this market -- a comprehensive set of capabilities to create solutions that incorporate all five facets of supply chain event management utilizing process management and automation, workflow, data extraction, data translation and a combination of communications protocols and EAI adapters inherent in our own technology."
In particular, RFID, supply chain event management (SCEM), and demand-planning software are prominent components of their investment plan for 2005.
Supply chain event management (SCEM) is another solution that has become popular in the last few years to support companies' increased need for visibility of their inventory and shipments in real time.
While inventory reductions and supply chain costs remain a major driver in companies' purchases of SCM applications, AMR says, the SCE market (encompassing order, inventory., transportation, and warehouse management, and supply chain event management (SCEMI), fared "reasonably well" and reported 4 percent growth in 2003.
Topics on tap range from ergonomics and supply chain event management to automated in-process manufacturing and assembly solutions.
Besides the above-mentioned applications, the 5x suite includes warehouse management, logistics management, distributed order management, supply collaboration, supply chain event management, product management and inventory synchronization.
The next generation of supply chain event management (SCEM), interenterprise supply chain coordination (ISCC), allows companies to do just that--and do it quickly.
"Many WMS vendors have supply chain event management solutions," says Steve Banker, service director, supply chain management, ARC Advisory Group (781-471-1000,
But they're hesitant to develop a supply chain event management (SCEM) capability because they view it solely as a technology play--a difficult sell when software investment money is tight.
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