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SCEMSolid Carbide End Mill (tool)
SCEMSupply Chain Event Management
SCEMSuzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (motorcycles)
SCEMScanning Electron Microscope
SCEMScanning Confocal Electron Microscopy
SCEMSociété Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)
SCEMSedgwick County Emergency Management (Wichita, KS)
SCEMScottish Christian Engaged in Mission (UK)
SCEMSurvivability Cost Estimating Model
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Under an OEM agreement, Categoric's supply chain event management technology has been used in CDC Supply Chain product line.
In other words, companies need to move beyond supply chain event management to interenterprise supply chain coordination.
Viewlocity is a global provider of supply chain event management software and services that help companies respond in real time to unplanned events along the extended supply chain.
Indeed, having just passed the dangerous seas of advanced planning systems (APS) implementations, many supply chain executives and managers are now hearing the calls of SCM's latest siren: supply chain event management (SCEM).
Besides the above-mentioned applications, the 5x suite includes warehouse management, logistics management, distributed order management, supply collaboration, supply chain event management, product management and inventory synchronization.
An agreement has been formed between application software provider PeopleSoft Inc and Vigilance Inc, a supply chain event management solutions supplier.
Verano, a B2B software infrastructure company, has launched its Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) solution to extend its reach into one of the software industry's fastest growing markets.
Management by exception is enabled by supply chain event management technology, or what many broadly refer to as visibility solutions.
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