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'This is equivalent to P25.29 per liter, which corresponds to Level 2 of the Passenger Fuel Surcharge Matrix,' the document read.
The Federal Court has ordered CLA Trading Pty Ltd (trading as Europcar) to pay $350,000 in penalties for charging excessive credit and debit card payment surcharges in breach of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.
CAB said airlines wishing to impose or collect fuel surcharge for the July to August period must file their application on or before the beginning of the effectivity period, with fuel surcharge rates not exceeding the stated level.
It is a bitter fact that domestic consumers of LESCO and other DESCOs continue to pay taxes and surcharges loaded bills for months together without any relief coupled with persisting load shedding.
Fined PS121 and ordered to pay a PS30 surcharge and PS100 costs.
Under section 31(5) of the Nepra Act, 1997, the federal government had the power to levy any surcharge and any such surcharge was to be considered as a cost to be included in the tariff determined by Nepra, the regulator said.
'The request of the federal government in light of section 31 of NEPRA Act is accepted and the amount of subsidy and surcharges in the annexures attached with the request are accordingly allowed to be indicated in the already intimated schedule of tariff as per Annexure-III of the authority's re-determination of tariff of XWDISCOs for the FY 2015-16 dated September 18, 2017, which were subsequently revised in the matter of the Authority's decisions in respect of suo motu proceedings regarding periodical adjustments on account of power purchase price, including impact of T and D Losses on FCA, and prior year adjustment pertaining to the FY 2016-17 dated October 23, 2017,' said a determination issued by NEPRA in re-determination of tariff for DISCOs.
On Sundays, the surcharge will be higher - 50 percent and 100 percent, respectively.
According to a recent presentation from UTA, merchants who surcharge credit card transactions are subject to certain requirements.
Global Banking News-July 7, 2016--Tobacco surcharges lead to lower insurance enrolment but have not reduced smoking
Last week, the Lahore High Court had set aside the levying of equalization surcharge and debt servicing surcharge but the government convened a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) and imposed the two new surcharge, thus sending inflated bills to consumers.
12, the carrier said it "recognizes that current surcharge conventions expose the supply chain to significant price volatility." As a result, the airline will replace its existing rate structure, beginning in April, and will "abolish" its current fuel and security surcharges, while keeping other ancillary charges in place.