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SURDSStudent Unit Record Data System for California (book)
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A surd is something unintelligible, a "false fact," as Lonergan elsewhere describes the peculiar status of sin as non-ens ("Ethics and God," in Understanding and Being, CWBL 5, ed.
Binary sequences derived from quadratic surds manifest another dimension of self-similarity.
But importantly, when using a graphics calculator or similar digital device, will a fraction computation, or a computation involving surds (or Pi), lead to an (exact) answer expressed in that fraction or surd notation?
This method was repeated in order to find rational sequences which converge to each of the surds involving prime numbers less than twenty.
But people looking for easy tasks had best renounce any ambition to be scientists; and if mathematicians and physicists can surmount their surds, the human scientist can learn to master his" (Insight 261).
One need only think of the prominent use in physics of complex numbers and common surds such as the exponential function and pi to realize how many mathematical inconsistencies have been wholeheartedly embraced without question and with success.