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Then he got an hour sleep, and woke up to do the surf report. He's never missed a surf report in his life--it's unbelievable--and he's the biggest pile I've ever met.
More than that, they are oases where a surf report is always playing on the radio and the pulse of life is the same as the pounding of the waves.
I spent three weeks over Christmas in a campervan, with brand new foam surfboards driving up the coast from Melbourne to Brisbane, armed with a website of all the best beginner breaks and my best attempts to read the surf reports on new apps.
In addition, surfers will benefit from improved surf forecasts and surf reports on the Surfline website and Surfline mobile app under the direction of Eyeball's Trev "Toes" Lumley.
How you don't understand surf reports. That would work."
Keep close vigil on surf reports at month's end--the first of the fall bait parade may reach the Treasure Coast, bringing with it tarpon, jack crevalle, small Spanish and bluefish.
For the inner dude in all of us, the Surfrider Foundation,, provides surf reports and beach weather from around the world, and also hosts a comprehensive and highly interesting "State of the Beach" survey: crick on the state of your choice to see how it rates.
"Not only that, I can give some pretty good weather and surf reports now."
And I don't mind being able to give people surf reports either."