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SWRStanding Wave Ratio (radio term)
SWRSouth Western Railway (India)
SWRSüdwestrundfunk (Southern German Radio Station)
SWRShe Wants Revenge (band)
SWRSoil Water Retention (agriculture)
SWRShortwave Radiation (energy)
SWRShoreham Wading River
SWRShort-Wave Radio
SWRSoftware Requirements
SWRSafe Withdrawal Rate (financial portfolio management)
SWRSteel Wire Rope (engineering term for steel cable)
SWRSwiss International Airlines (ICAO code)
SWRSwift Water Rescue
SWRSmall Works Roster (government contracting pool)
SWRSouthwestern Region (National Speleological Society)
SWRScarlet Weather Rhapsody (game)
SWRSecondary Water Resistance
SWRShe Who Remembers
SWRSurface Wave Radar
SWRSemi-Wind Resistive
SWRSteve W. Rabe (founder of SWR Sound Corporation)
SWRSemiconductor Wafer Representation
SWRStar Wars Remake
SWRStanding Wave Reflectometer
SWRResidual Water Saturation (petroleum engineering)
SWRStandard Warranty Replacement
SWRSouth West Riders (motorcycle club; various locations)
SWRSwiss Air Transport Company Ltd
SWRSine Wave Response
SWRStep-Wise Regression
SWRScheduler Work Area (IBM)
SWRSpecial Water Reactor
SWRSelected Web Resource
SWRStandford Wireless Research
SWRSurface Water Retention
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High frequency surface wave radar (HFSWR) refers to a classification of radar which operates in the HF band (3-30 MHz) and utilizes the surface wave mode of propagation.
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