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SMTSurface-Mount Technology
SMTSubstance Misuse Training (UK)
SMTStatistical Machine Translation
SMTSummit (Amtrak station code; Summit, IL)
SMTSummit (US Postal Service standard street suffix)
SMTShin Megami Tensei (video game)
SMTSimultaneous Multi-Threading
SMTService Management Tool (software)
SMTSenior Management Team
SMTStore Manager Trainee (various companies)
SMTSuomen Matkatoimisto (Finnish travel agency)
SMTSumisho Machinery Trade Corporation (Japan)
SMTSmall Mini-Tower (computer hardware)
SMTSubscription Management Tool (software)
SMTSoftware Managed Tree
SMTSmart Text
SMTSymmetric Multi Threading
SMTSurface Mount Transistor
SMTSimultaneous Multi Threading
SMTSector Management Tool
SMTSystem Multi Tasking
SMTSubaru Motors Trading
SMTSurface Mounted Technology
SMTSequential Manual Transmission
SMTSociety for Music Theory
SMTStation Management
SMTSandvik Materials Technology
SMTSpinal Manipulative Therapy
SMTSatisfiability Modulo Theories
SMTSatellite Media Tour
SMTSequential Manual Transmission (Toyota)
SMTSanta Maria Times (newspaper; California)
SMTSubmillimeter Telescope
SMTSystems Maintenance Technician
SMTSeamless Mechanical Tubing
SMTSustainable Mobility Technologies (Ford Motor Co.)
SMTSystems Management Technology, Inc. (Falls Church, VA)
SMTSociété des Mines de la Tontouta (French: Tontouta Mining Company; La Tontouta, New Caledonia)
SMTSystem Management Terminal
SMTStandards, Measurements and Testing
SMTScars, Marks & Tattoos (law enforcement physical descriptions)
SMTSpill Management Team
SMTSelf-Model Theory (consciousness)
SMTStimulation Magnétique Transcrânienne (French: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
SMTSociété de Maintenance Thermique (French: Thermal Maintenance Company)
SMTScience, Mathematics, Technology
SMTSeagirt Marine Terminal (Maryland Port Administration)
SMTSeaside Music Theater
SMTStork Materials Technology
SMTService Management Team
SMTStress Memorization Technique
SMTSteiner Minimum Tree
SMTSupervised Manufacturer's Testing
SMTServizi Manutenzioni Tecniche (Italian: Technical Maintenance Services)
SMTString/M-Theory (physics)
SMTShiver Me Timbers
SMTSwedish Match Tour (sailing)
SMTSilicon Microstrip Tracker (used to detect and track elementary particles)
SMTSmart Modular Technology (California)
SMTSecondary Method Training (US Air Force)
SMTScottish Motor Traction (Co. Ltd.)
SMTSecure Message Transmission
SMTSystem Master Tape
SMTSumitomo Metal Technology (Japan)
SMTSingle Minute Test
SMTSwitch-Mode Transformer
SMTState Management Team
SMTSam Moon Trading (Texas)
SMTSoil Moisture Tension
SMTStudy Management Team (NIH)
SMTScheduled Military Training (US Air Force)
SMTSeismic MicroTechnology (software company)
SMTSheet Metal Tradesman
SMTSan Marcos Transit (San Marcos, TX)
SMTSanté-Mentale-Travail (French: Mind-Health-Labor; Canada)
SMTSmart Manufacturing Technology (est. 2002; UK)
SMTSociété Mathématique de Tunisie (French: Tunisian Mathematical Society)
SMTServices et Métrologie Textile (French: Textile Metrology Service; est. 1995)
SMTSystem Management Team
SMTSurface Mount Toroid
SMTShelter Management Team
SMTSpecial Maintenance Team
SMTSource-Model Technique
SMTSucking My Teeth (Internet slang)
SMTStandard Measurement Technique
SMTShochiku Multiplex Theatres (movie theatre chain; Japan)
SMTSubject Matter Training
SMTSystem Manager Training
SMTSystems Methodology Team
SMTSouthern Medical Transport
SMTSpatial Mode Transformation (Lasercomm)
SMTSoftware Metrics Tracking
SMTStation Mobile-Transportable
SMTSignificant Materiality Threshold
SMTSyndicat Mixte Transports (French: Combined Transport Union)
SMTSubscriber Multiplex Transponder
SMTSismique Multi-Trace (French: Seismic Multi-Trace)
SMTSystem Management and Translations (Sprint)
SMTSystem Maintenance Test
SMTSociété de Marquage Technique (French: Marking Technology Company)
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Lavanta 5115 WH 224 is a 15% glass-reinforced polycyclohexylene terephthalate (PCT) compound developed specifically for LED electronic packaging applications that utilize surface-mount technology. It can be molded at a lower temperature (257 F/125 C) than competitive PCTs and still maintains 100% of its maximum crystallinity.
Lumex announced a line of surface-mount LEDs that are positioned to combine surface-mount technology (SMT) with the features and capabilities of through-hole, leaded T-5mm epoxy lens LEDs.
The new ION Digital Drive is a compact, fully enclosed module that provides high-performance motion control, network connectivity, and power amplification for dc brush brushless dc, or step/microstepping motors Using advanced MOSFETs and surface-mount technology, it is designed to provide high power density n a rugged, flexible form factor.
(Horsham, PA,, the North American distributor for Samsung surface-mount technology equipment, has signed a distribution agreement with Aegis Industrial Software Corp.
Topics: advanced materials and processes, advanced substrate technology, area array assembly, automotive electronics, chip-scale packaging, flip chip, high density displays, high density packaging, low cost packaging methods, management and marketing, manufacturing technologies, medical electronics, MEMS packaging and applications, modeling and simulation, novel interconnections, optoelectronics/photonics, polymer materials and applications, power packaging/thermal management, printed wiring and flex boards, quality and reliability RF/microwave, wireless sensor packaging and applications, space and military electronics, statistical process control methods, surface-mount technology, thick and thin film materials, and wafer scale packaging.
The Surface-Mount Technology Association (SMTA, Minneapolis, MN, has announced the formation of the SMTA International (SMTAI) technical committee for 2004.
Surface-mount technology is used for the larger passive and power components, while hybrid devices are used for control circuits to simplify assembly and achieve a small footprint.
The RM15 uses surface-mount technology. It's a three-channel optical encoder with an operating temperature from -10[degrees]C to +100[degrees]C and frequency response up to 200 KHz.
Because of its high heat resistance, PA9T offers particular advantages in components for circuit boards that employ surface-mount technology and lead-free soldering, according to Maekawa.
This gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) buffer amplifier is supplied in a surface-mount leadless chip carrier compatible with a high volume surface-mount technology (SMT) process.
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