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SP-BSurfactant Protein B (gene)
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Colten, "Deficiency of pulmonary surfactant protein B in congenital alveolar proteinosis," New England Journal of Medicine, vol.
In the lung tissue of infants of the II and III groups showed rather intense and widespread deposition of surfactant protein B (Figure 3).
The interesting make-up of Surfaxin it that it appears to have a chemical replication of surfactant protein B, which has never been created in synthetic agents.
(1) Surfactant protein B is protective against oxygen-induced lung injury (3) and its deficiency is associated with Sp-A and Sp-C accumulation within type II pneumocytes (4) and in alveolar spaces, (1) through mechanisms which are not entirely clear.
KL-4 is a 21-amino acid peptide with structural similarities to pulmonary surfactant protein B (SP-B), the surfactant protein most important for normal respiratory function.
Discovery's Surfaxin is an engineered version of natural human lung surfactant and contains a peptide, sinapultide, that is designed to closely mimic the essential human lung surfactant protein B (SP-B).