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SRVEILOPSSurveillance Operation
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Three Army regiments were involved in the surveillance operation.
'Where surveillance operations are undertaken they will only be mounted outside school at lunchtime or at the end of the school day and in the presence of a uniformed police officer or uniformed council enforcement officer.
The decision by Watson to suspend the surveillance operation caused fury among his own staff, who warned they would not be held accountable if Clark attacked a young child.
The hi-tech covert electronic surveillance operation will allow the security forces to "listen in" on conversations in the build-up to the Drumcree parades.
"Today's vote is an important step towards enhancing the effects of sea border surveillance operations and to improve coordination in search and rescue situations that may arise during such operations.
The National Crime Squad in the UK will play a key role in setting up the surveillance operation along with the FBI.
The surveillance operation launched by the police was praised in court.
Dr John Diggle and his family were put under a 28-day round the clock surveillance operation authorised by Gwent Police after their son Thomas, 15 at the time, threw an egg at a neighbour's car.
The announcement by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs came after a huge surveillance operation in Herefordshire, during which 147,000 animals on 533 premises were tested for the presence of the disease.
The men were arrested on Friday as part of an ongoing Gardai surveillance operation.
The moonshine distillery was found in a field near the town of Buncrana, after a surveillance operation.
British officials recently secured an agreement from French police to mount a surveillance operation in Calais.
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