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SURADSurveillance Radar (Defence Force)
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The radars combine HENSOLDT's next-generation primary airport surveillance radar (ASR-NG[R]) and Raytheon's Mode S monopulse secondary surveillance radar (Condor Mk 3).
The Secondary Surveillance Radar can obtain detailed flight information, even from congested airspace.
Grant agreement for the projects of Installation of Weather Surveillance Radar in Multan city and Human Resource Develop Scholarship were also signed on the occasion by Yasuhiro Tojo, Chief JICA Pakitan Offfice and Syed Mujtaba Hussain, Joint Secretary of Economic Affairs Division.
In this regard, visiting Japanese State Minister for Foreign Affairs Kazuyuki Nakane, Friday, met with Finance Minister Asad Umar and conveyed his best wishes to him on assuming charge as the new Finance Minister of the country before witnessing the signing two agreements for Installation of Weather Surveillance Radar in Multan City and Human Resource Development Scholarship.
With the installation of this fifth weather surveillance radar, the weather coverage will go up to 80 per cent, benefiting 90pc of the population.
However, he said that the installation of Weather Surveillance Radar in Multan city will enable Pakistan to monitor within 200 KM radius of Indian territory.
equivalent to $21.36 Million) to the Government of Pakistan for the two projects titled 'Installation of Weather Surveillance Radar in Multan City' and the 'Human Resource Development Scholarship'.
Their cooperation will create the optimum solution for their customers by combining Hensoldt's primary radar airport surveillance radar, its monopulse secondary surveillance radar and Raytheon's Mode S monopulse secondary surveillance radar, said a statement.
Since the end of the Second World War, the US Navy and US Coast Guard naval surveillance radar market has largely been a closed shop to non-US suppliers.
"Together with military air traffic, this situation requires a high-performance guidance system ensuring safety, comprehensive data exchange and efficient allocation of airspace." Under the project ORamosO, Airbus Defence and Space Electronics has equipped six long-range surveillance radars with so-called MSSR (MSSR = Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar) 2000 I secondary radar systems.
By March 2015, NEC is scheduled to provide an air traffic control radar system, a secondary surveillance radar (*) that receives detailed operating information from airplanes and a multi-sensor information processing system that utilizes information received from radars.
The pilot received radar vectors for an airport surveillance radar (ASR) approach.
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