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In addition, we offer a subject guide to material that appeared in the SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS in 2015 and the BEA news release schedule for 2016.
A comment in the April 1994 Survey of Current Business, the monthly journal of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, may hint at the reason behind Congress's failure to adopt green accounting: "There is an expectation that such accounts will show that U.
Annual Revision of the National Income and Product Accounts: Annual Estimates, 2001-2003, and Quarterly Estimates 2001:1 to 2004:1," Survey of Current Business.
Data are from the Survey of Current Business, which is available on the web site of the U.
Grimm and Parker describe the methodology they use in an appendix, which expands on the descriptions t hat appeared in the August and December issues of the Survey of Current Business.
Data for 1929-85 were taken from Amos [RRS, 1989], and data between 1986-92 were obtained from the Survey of Current Business and calculated by the author.
Department of Commerce's popular "blue pages" of the monthly Survey of Current Business and the companion biennial Business Statistics publication.
In January, a SURVEY OF CURRENT BUSINESS article formally introduced the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) health care satellite account, which includes new disease-based price indexes to complement official price measures.
The "Business Situation" article in the June 2002 issue of the Survey of Current Business published by the U.
In its May Survey of Current Business, the American Furniture Manufacturers Association (AFMA) reported overall shipments in May increased 15.
Parker, Survey of Current Business, March 1998, pp.
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