SuSanASustainable Sanitation Alliance (International Sanitation Year, United Nations)
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MaTES-SLEx Traffic Update as of 3:16 PM: Alabang Viaduct NB: HEAVY ( Traffic tailend at Susana Heights area)/SB: LIGHT; Ayala TP NB/SB: LIGHT; Calamba TP NB: HEAVY (tailend at Calamba Interchange) /SB: LIGHT.
Susana Monaco has been designing womenswear under her namesake label since opening her Manhattan showroom in 2000.
5 March 2019 - US-based Jump Design Group has acquired women's wear label Susana Monaco, the group said.
The charity concert will include seven beautiful pieces by various musicians including Susana's husband, Sebastian See-Schierenberg, who is also a conductor and a violinist, Julie herself, who has studied vocal for 8 years, and Jackson Chen, a 12-year-old violinist who lives in Australia.
Im proud to announce the first-ever tax-free Small Business Saturday, in New Mexico, said Governor Susana Martinez.
No evacuations or damages to structures were reported, however, power lines were down on the Santa Susana Pass Road. The fire was initially called the "Rocky Fire" but authorities changed the name to "Susana Fire."
El contacto que tuvo en su juventud con las comunidades indigenas termino por definir la pasion que ejerce Susana Harp, que es cantar.
Headmistress Susana Tiwaa called on stakeholders, including parents, teachers, religious organisations and the government to get involved in reclaiming our lost values.
Susana would come after school, the hospice would give her tea, she'd play in the gardens and spend time with her daddy.
Susana's father was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease in 2011, and he began dialysis.
No seu percurso artistico, Susana Anagua tem vindo a trabalhar diversas vezes em colaboracao com outros artistas.
Fue precisamente en esos anos oscuros, los de la dictadura militar, y en el Centro Editor de America Latina, donde conoci a Susana. La encontraba en una oficinita minuscula desde la que dirigia algunas de las colecciones que hicieron famosa a la editorial.