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The proposed filter consists of two cascaded hairpin step impedance resonators (SIRs) in a suspended stripline (SSL).
Menzel, "A suspended stripline to microstrip transition using multilayer techniques," 22nd European Microwave Conference, Vol.
Also, a UWB suspended stripline filter which has a single stopband by incorporating a resonant slot into one of its elements is introduced in [14].
After some investigation, it was decided that a suspended stripline solution would offer the best trade-off in terms of losses and mechanical dimensions.
An E-plane probe located in the input waveguide couples the TE10 mode signal at the fundamental frequency to the suspended stripline. The TE10 mode signal is converted into TEM mode supported by the suspended stripline.
Bhat, "Millimeter-wave Evanescent Mode Gunn Diode Oscillator in Suspended Stripline Configuration," IR & MM Wave, 22nd International Conference, July 1997, pp.
The suspended substrate stripline (SSS), frequently called suspended stripline for short, is a printed circuit technology that can be used for both narrowband and broadband filters in low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, bandstop, and multiplexer forms.
Wideband mixers at millimeter wave frequencies have been presented using waveguide [16], suspended stripline [17] or finline configurations [18] with the RF signal directly coupled to the mixer diodes.
This block was designed using a combination of microstrip and suspended stripline. (6) The FM signal, with 0.5 W CW power, passes through a directional coupler, a circulator and an LPF to the single TX/RCV antenna.
Figure 2 illustrates the cross-sectional view of a suspended stripline three-channel design.
Possible implementations of the concept in other transmission media such as waveguide and suspended stripline and their effect on the array performance are described.
[6] This arrangement is similar to triplate suspended stripline, but may be too expensive to manufacture because of the additional processing and machining required.