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SFPASouthern Forest Products Association (New Orleans, Louisiana)
SFPAScottish Fisheries Protection Agency (UK)
SFPASouth Florida Paralegal Association (Miami, FL)
SFPASea-Fisheries Protection Authority (County Cork, Ireland)
SFPASouthern Fandom Press Alliance
SFPASan Francisco People's Assembly (San Francisco, CA)
SFPASuspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (US Army)
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To further improve the quality of personnel reporting data in eMILPO, the BJA (or more likely a paralegal) can assist the brigade S1 with a name-by-name reconciliation of the AAA-095 Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (SFPA) Management Report.
600-8-2, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags) para.
of the Army, subject: Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAGS) [hereinafter FLAGS Message I] and Message, 191831Z Oct 11, Dep't.
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