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SODStage of Development
SODSuperoxide Dismutase (free radical inhibitor)
SODSecretary of Defense (usually seen as SECDEF)
SODStrength of Design (stress test)
SODSoul of the Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game set)
SODSeeds of Destruction
SODScope of Delivery
SODSpirit of the Dragon
SODSword of Destruction (gaming)
SODStar of David
SODSchool of Dentistry
SODSoda Springs (Amtrak station code; Soda Springs, CA)
SODShades of Doom (gaming)
SODScience of Design (US NSF)
SODSudden Oak Death
SODSleep of Death (computer slang)
SODSystem of a Down (band; more commonly seen as SOAD)
SODSoldiers of Despair (gaming clan)
SODSean O'Driscoll (British football manager)
SODSystem on Display
SODSoap Opera Digest
SODStaff and Organizational Development (various locations)
SODSegregation of Duties
SODStroke Order Diagram (Japanese writing system)
SODSmall Outline Diode
SODSound on Disc
SODService on Demand
SODSmall Outline Dimm
SODSerial Output Data
SODSpecial Operations Division (gaming clan)
SODSpecial Operations Division
SODSphincter of Oddi Dysfunction
SODSuspension of Disbelief
SODSummary of Departures (travel information)
SODSepto-Optic Dysplasia (congenital malformation)
SODSon of Dork (band)
SODSafe on Deck
SODSediment Oxygen Demand
SODStormtroopers of Death (band)
SODSeparation of Duties
SODSymphony of Destruction (band)
SODStatement of Direction
SODSkate or Die
SODSingle Oral Dose (medication)
SODStatutory Operating Debt (Minnesota)
SODSoftware On Demand (MTT)
SODStudents for Organ Donation (various schools)
SODShot of the Day
SODStart of Day
SODSlaves on Dope (Canadian band)
SODSenior Operations Director (various organizations)
SODSurrender or Die (gaming clan)
SODSpin-On Dielectric
SODSheep on Drugs (band)
SODSpecial Operations Detachment
SODSummary of Deposits (US FDIC)
SODShip Out Date (US DoD)
SODStrategic Organization Design Unit (Denmark)
SODSword of Darkness (gaming)
SODSmall-Outline Diode
SODSound of Death (gaming clan)
SODStatement of Deficiency
SODSorceress of Darshiva (gaming)
SODStorage on Demand
SODSource One Distributors (Wellington, FL)
SODService Output Demand (marketing)
SODWolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny (game)
SODSupervisor on Duty
SODStarz! on Demand (Starz! movie networks)
SODStacks on Deck
SODStart of Delivery (new product development)
SODSuper Optical Device (imaging)
SODShare or Die (website)
SODSoldiers of Demolition (Halo gaming clan)
SODSenior Officer of the Day (USAF Academy)
SODSorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
SODSoulz of Darkness (gaming clan)
SODSignal of Difficulty (military aviation)
SODSwiss of Darkness (gaming clan)
SODShort of Daybreak (band)
SODScepter of Destruction (gaming)
SODStrategy and Options Decision (Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System; US DoD)
SODStrategic Operations Division (various organizations)
SODsmall-molecule superoxide dismutase
SODSystem Operational Design
SODSociety Of Delinquentz
SODStanding Order Document (Lucent)
SODShopping on Demand
SODSelected on Departure (flight itinerary seat designation)
SODSupport Operations Director/Directorate
SODSeller's Option to Double
SODSecure Observation Distance
SODStatus of Discipline (military legal term)
SODShip's Overboard Discharge (military term for all liquids pumped from bilge; usually includes oils)
SODShare of Demand
SODSuppliers Offering Discounts
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After all, it took a suspension of disbelief to accept the actor in the role in the first place.
There were evocative costumes by Deborah Trout and Susan Benson's elegant sets, originally designed for the Banff Centre in 1990, did not appear dated, although the minimal sets in the opera's final scene stretched suspension of disbelief to breaking point.
With just a slight costume change between characters, any shifts in age were up to the actors' mannerisms and the audience's suspension of disbelief.
Clinton's argument last September that accepting that the surge had made progress ''would require a willing suspension of disbelief.
It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to deny Iran supports al-Qaeda in Iraq.
You'll be disappointed at the pre-Tomb Raider crudeness of the landscapes and buildings--and because everything is based on simple 3D orthogonal graphics you need to be a Mies/early SOM fan to sustain the needed suspension of disbelief.
These winks to the audience are all very post-modern but they further undermine the huge suspension of disbelief needed to watch the play.
Perhaps because of the suspension of disbelief one must have to accept the Celtic version of the story, the story doesn't seem dated even though it was written in the early 20th century.
This laying bare of behind-the-scenes machinations creates a Brechtian distance, holding the viewer at arm's length by insisting on filmic artifice, and preventing identification or suspension of disbelief from taking place--a frustration of intimacy that mimics the gulf between the characters on screen.
The surprisingly comprehensive text includes a section on superhero bloopers: the few instances where even a suspension of disbelief isn't enough to make a character's feats consistent with what is possible in the physical world.
So far, he has been lauded and applauded, just for not being Robinson, and many appear to have dealt with him on the basis of the suspension of disbelief.
On the minus side, there is a minor feeling of compartmentalization about it, an absence of ultimate depth, some softness about the dynamics, and a lack of truly deep bass that intrude upon one's complete surrender to a willing suspension of disbelief.
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