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SARDSustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
SARDSigma Advanced Racing Development (racing; Japan)
SARDSudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration
SARDSystem Architecture and Requirements Definition
SARDSubstance Abuse Rehabilitation Department
SARDSection of Agriculture and Rural Development
SARDSelling, Administrative, Research and Development
SARDSpecial Airlift Requirement Document
SARDStroke and Related Disorders
SARDSpecial Airlift Requirement Directive
SARDSlow Acting Anti-Rheumatic Drug
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Sustainable agriculture and rural development need each other, and our nation needs a policy that advances both.
FAO has a longstanding history of fostering exchanges of ideas and best practices in ICT for sustainable agriculture and rural development. In 2007, FAO and a group of founding partners launched the e-Agriculture Community of Practice - an online space with over 12,000 members from 170 countries and territories.
Original Project Development Objective(s) - Parent The Project Development Objective is to improve delivery of government assistance for sustainable agriculture and rural development in a manner consistent with the EU's pre-accession requirements.
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