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SFORStabilization Force
SFORSecurity Force
SFORSyracuse Festival of Races (Syracuse, NY)
SFORSustainment Forces (US military)
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Through our rotations of combat and sustainment forces as well as through our exercise program, USAREUR, along with its allies and partners, maintains readiness by adapting to today's lessons learned rather than waiting until a crisis emerges.
Unpredictability and flexibility remain some of the most effective mitigations against this threat to our sustainment forces.
* Organize sustainment forces in right quantity and component mix to meet missions across entire spectrum of challenges when conflict arises.
They also receive and transload cargo as an initial-entry port opening force until relieved by--or integrated into--follow-on sustainment forces.
we have adapted our institutional processes to expedite the latest force protection equipment to our deployed forces, whether they are combat brigades or sustainment forces. We recognize that this enemy is highly adaptive; and we have established systems, enabled by your funding and support, to responsibly procure equipment and promising technologies at an ever-increasing pace." (3) Advances in technology have led to an increase in the procurement of FP equipment, which is big business in Iraq and Afghanistan today.
Historically, the bill payer for the increased combat capability in SBCT force design has been sustainment forces. To meet deployment timelines and personnel limits, assets had to be cut from the SBCT force structure, and the majority of the reductions in personnel strength and equipment were from the BSB.
The CSSB will provide the link between the FSCs that support each battalion-sized EMF and higher-level sustainment forces in the theater support command.
This means that commanders can bypass enemy-held or inadequate ports, and allows the Army to put ashore both initial and sustainment forces virtually anywhere in the world.
With the publication of FM 3-0 and the follow-on release of FM 4-0, sustainers are undergoing a dramatic shift in the command relationships of sustainment forces at echelons above the BCT.
They also receive and transload cargo as an initial-entry port opening force until relieved by--or are integrated into--follow-on sustainment forces. Initially conceived to support aerial port of debarkation operations, the capabilities of the RPOEs are expanding to include sea port of debarkation operations.
The brigade leaders gave us a good picture of the current operational requirement for sustainment forces to defend themselves, and we have incorporated their feedback into a new gunnery strategy, complete with gunnery tables and associated doctrine for convoy protection.
The number and types of sustainment forces during the shaping phase will look much different than they will look during the dominate phase.
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