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SUVASchweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt (Accident Insurance, Suisse)
SUVASpecific Ultraviolet Absorbance (spectroscopic analysis)
SUVASydney's Unique Venues Association (Sydney, Australia)
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As the capital of Fiji, Suva is the political, economic and cultural hub of the country and hosts many regional headquarters, government offices and international agencies.
If Trump's tax proposal becomes the law, and Apple brings back all of its cash reserves to the U.S., it would still be sitting on over $220 billion, enough to buy any of the companies mentioned in Suva's note, and then some.
Ten years after the first wave, the second wave of decentralisation was initiated in March 2009, with a more modest aim of improving access to health services in the Suva subdivision only.
The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Winston was following a path that might spare Suva the full force of its winds, rated as category 5, the highest ranking on the hurricane wind scale.
Qarase flew out of Suva on Wednesday to his home island in the isolated Lau group, the Australian daily reported on its website.
Mr Qarase flew out of Suva yesterday at the request of the military, returning to his home village on an outlying island.
In January 1941, the artifacts were shipped to Suva, where, in April, the bones were examined by personnel of the Central Medical School.
Two Fijian soldiers involved in the earlier shoot-out were dead on arrival at Suva's main hospital.
Nearly all phone links were cut, but British resident David Pitt said in a satellite call: "Suva is burning, there are mobs looting and stoning shops run by Indians and there is great fear.
Family members flew to Suva to identify the body, the embassy said.
A modest publication, simply produced at the University of Suva in Fiji, it has an importance belied by its appearance.