SVISSun Valley Indian School (est. 1963; Arizona)
SVISSecure Video System (US FEMA)
SVISSvenska Volvoklubbar I Samverkan (Swedish: Swedish Volvo Clubs in Collaboration; Sweden)
SVISSynthetic Vision Information System
SVISSalvage Vehicle Inspection Station (Illinois Secretary of State Police)
SVISSecure Voice Interoperability System (Navy)
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Methodically, our empirical approach differs from theirs in that we make use of the search volume index (SVI) provided by Google Trends while Ginsberg et al.
(7) Google users are then able to export the so-called Search Volume Index (SVI) at a weekly frequency, in case the search volume is sufficiently high over the given time period in a given geographic area (in our case the United States).
SVI: Special enrollment period verification issue, or SEP verification issue.
In July, if she needs coverage because she's moving across the country and losing her coverage, she'll get one SVI, or SEP verification issue, for losing her coverage and one for moving.
In the study, a visual detection system of vegetable seed vigor was developed, to calculate the seed vigor index (SVI) through image feature extraction, the aim to explore new method for detecting automatically vegetable seed vigor.
We consider the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) news coverage, abnormal trading volume, extreme past one-day returns, and the Google search volume index (SVI) as alternative measures of investor attention.