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SWPMSolid Wood Packing Material (Department of Agriculture)
SWPMSoftware Project Manager
SWPMStar Wars: Pocket Model (gaming)
SWPMSingle White Professional Male
SWPMStar Wars: the Phantom Menace
SWPMSwap Manager (derivatives pricing tool used in financial industry)
SWPMStandard Wiring Practice Manual
SWPMSpoken Words per Minute
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The consignment provides money to the Santiam Pass, Willamette Pass and Willamette Backcountry ski patrols for necessary medical supplies and equipment, swap manager Buz Mattson said.
Ski patrollers and shop experts run it, swap manager Buz Mattson says.
He should have offered to swap managers as Paul Hartley would do a far better job than the current man in charge.
ARSENAL boss Arsene Wenger expects another "game of musical chairs" as top clubs around Europe swap managers this summer - but has again stressed he is not planning to go anywhere just yet.
So why don't we swap managers for one season only - each get it out of our systems - and then revert back to what we are best at?
I'd far rather go to see Villa or Blues any week than any of those rather interchangeable London climbs, who buy expensive players whenever they hit a bad patch, and swap managers with each other at the end of the season.
You can swap managers at any time, but cannot split one year's allowance between two or more managers.